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For Sale by Owner Open House and Directional Signs

Open House Signs and Directional Signs

For sale by owner open house and directional signs may be supplied to you, if you decide to "list" with a For Sale by Owner Company,

You can also Make Your Own, or if you want to buy the "Red UV" Sign this time, that would be OK. Why?

You already have a professional for sale sign out front.

Professional covers either the one you made, the one you may have purchased online or locally, or the one supplied by your for sale by owner company.

Your for sale by owner open house and directional signs will have limited exposure to the sun's ultra-violet rays so there should be very limited fading if any.

Open house directional sign

How Many for Sale by Owner Open House and Directional Signs Should I Have?

In another section of this web-site, I covered all the aspects of doing an Open House so....

I'll only mention that you should have enough signs for;

  • In front of the property during the open house.

  • As many directional signs as necessary to guide people to your property.

  • You may want to make optional signs as riders saying something like: Open House This Saturday 2:00 - 4:00.

The directional signs will of course require an arrow pointing in the right direction to proceed to your home.

To calculate how many directional signs you need this will give you a rough idea.

Go to the nearest Main street. (that's one sign)

Take the shortest route from there to your property and count how many turns you make to a different street or road until arrive at your home.

Take the shortest route from there to your property and count how many turns you make to a different street or road until arrive at your home.

Each turn to a new street should have an another sign pointing towards the open house.

For more information about for sale by owner signage, just click on any of the photo links below.

Can of red paint and a faded for sale sign

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Blank sign on white post

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Fancy for sale/open house sign

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Blue and White post sign at end of driveway

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Gold house logo with red sold sign

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One Special Note

Sometimes the shortest route may not be the best. Let me explain. If the shortest route takes you past the city landfill or a street is tore up due to construction, re-think the sign placement.

The rough guidelines above are great if you only have to make a few turns. If you are buried in a subdivision with 14 turns as the shortest route, it gets a bit ridiculous.

If you have a country property you can still use this method.

One for the main road, then any turns required to arrive at your property.

Open house sandwich board sign

Proper Etiquette of For Sale by Owner Open House and Directional Signs

on Private Property

In the areas I'm familiar with, placing a sign on city property DURING the open house is allowable.

If you have to place a sign on a neighbor's lawn, please ask first.

When you finish your open house, please remove your open house signs.

For Sale Directional Signs

Property for Sale, Home for Sale by Owner directional signs follow many of the same basic rules as the open house directional signs.

I will therefore just cover the one big difference.

The one big difference, is you want the Home for Sale directional signs up 24/7.

A Visitor's Comment

Dear Mr. Cameron, 

First of all, your website is absolutely fantastic! As a FSBO, I have read it from top to bottom and appreciate all of your advice. Your site has helped me in every aspect along the way of our decision to sell our home ourselves.

Proper Etiquette For Sale by Owner Directional Signs 

on City Property

The home for sale directional signs should be placed in the same areas as you would put the open house directional ones.

The areas I'm familiar with, the city will not allow signs placed on city property 24/7.

Red and white for sale by owner directional sign

How do you solve this problem?

Go to each home that is on a corner where you need to place a sign and starting with the best property for placement ask if you could place your Home for Sale Sign with a directional arrow on their lawn.

If you do this nicely you should have great success.

If you don't ask and just place your sign on a neighbor's lawn, you might hope for a real quick sale!

If a home owner refuses, go to the next best placement property and ask again until you either succeed or run out of houses (usually 4 maximum).

Where to Find Professional

For Sale by Owner Open House and Directional Signs

One option for, not only your main yard sign(s), but your for sale by owner open house and directional signs, is to purchase them online.

You can have them custom built, sent directly to your door, no muss, no fuss.

You can check out my favorite Professional Custom For Sale by Owner Signs

Why All this Bother?

You never know where your buyer is going to come from. EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE!

For More Information on For Sale by Owner Signs

Just select any of these photo links above

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