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Staging a Home

First Impressions - Staging a Home

It's All About Feelings

When staging a home, put yourself in the buyer's shoes. It's time for you to chance characters. This is actually very important.

Pretend that you are the buyer about to look at your house with the idea you might just purchase it for yourself.

Start outside and walk the perimeter of the property.

When preparing your house for sale, ask yourself some questions. How does it feel.?

Does anything make you say, “Wow, I really like that feature”. Does anything make you say, “Yikes, that looks like a problem!”

In this first round of preparing your property, do you get all warm and fuzzy when you do your walk-about.

For more information about preparing a home to sell select the photo link of your choice below.

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Staging the Inside of the House

Walkway around the back of beautiful house and property

Staging the Outside of Your Property

Well appointed room all ready for the prospective buyers

Staging a House for the Prospective Buyers

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Staging Tips

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Stroll through your backyard. At this time you are probably better off not making notes as you are mostly concentrating on the feelings.

How does the property make you FEEL? People make most major buying decisions based on emotions.

Wants and Needs - What's the Difference?

Think back on the last time you purchased a vehicle. Yes, there probably was some practical decisions made.

When it came down to the nitty gritty though, the final decision(s) were probably made emotionally. Right?

People make many of their buying decisions based on wants not needs. Don't believe me? OK. Do we really NEED a 70" LED Smart TV? Of course not.

If we only purchased things we need, we would all have a source of food and water, some kind of basic shelter and some clothing to keep us comfortable.

Almost everything else we buy is a WANT. There is nothing wrong with this by the way. I'm just making a point.

People Don't Sell Houses....Houses Sell Houses!

The whole idea of staging a home, is to make buyers want your house more than they want your competition. You just have to have that extra edge.

When I was a real estate agent, I learned very quickly that I couldn't make someone buy a particular property.

My job was to find various properties in their price range and desired area, show them the property and observe their Body Language and listen.

It's Time to Head Inside

After you finish your walk about on the outside, you will want to proceed inside. Walk though the whole inside and note how you feel in each room as you tour the whole house.

Again, on the first steps of preparing your home for sale, there is no need to take notes. Just do the emotional tour. We will get to actually staging a home when you click on the other links below.

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