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For Sale by Owner Closing Sales Techniques

Some for sale by owner closing sales techniques will probably become necessary at some point in time, when you sell a house.

If your buyers are showing some interest, throw in a soft sell or trial close well the people are still looking at your house.

Don't do this to early. You might even want to wait until you are actually sitting at the kitchen or dining room table.

Remember, if they are willing to sit down with you, they are probably showing some interest.

What is a Soft Sell or Trial Close

Lets start our for sale by owner closing sales techniques with what a hard sell might sound like:

"Mr. And Mrs. Buyer, Do you want to buy my house?”. Now that is a hard close!

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Here are some examples of a soft close.

  • Mr. And Mrs. Buyer, "Is this a neighborhood you can see yourselves living in?”.

  • “Would the layout of this home suit your needs?”.

  • “You mentioned Betty that you have a home business. Which room would you be using for your home office?”

There is a million different soft closes you can use but do you get the idea? Good. A soft sell or close is almost always a question. It requires an answer that either says, we're not interested at all or, hey we like this house and may consider an offer now or later.

Let's look at one of the soft closes above. "Would the layout of this home suit your needs?" The buyer has to either say, Yes it would. I think it would or no it wouldn't. Any of those answers when using these for sale by owner closing sales techniques tell you a lot, right?

for sale by owner closing sales techniques

Now it's Time for a For Sale by Owner Either/Or Close

Once you have tried a couple soft closes and you have a positive response, it's time to step up to the next level of for sale by owner closing sales techniques.

You could now ask an either/or question. These type of questions force the other party to make a choice.

They only have three choices. They can choose one or the other options or, use one of the famous escape phrases.

We will again use an example question.

  • "Betty and Bob, It looks like our home may be just what you are looking for. Would you like to take another tour of the property now, or would you like to set up a time later today to view again?"

Betty and Bob only have 3 choices. Choose to view now, set up an appointment for the following day or, use the escape phrase which will 99 times out of 100 be. “We'd like to go home and think it over!”

Here is another example when using the either/or closing technique. Is there anyone else that needs to look at the property before you make a decision? Betty and Bob again have 3 choices. Yes, no or escape.

Be Careful

NOTE: Do not start this type of closing questions unless, you know that there is some, or a great deal of interest. Remember, when you reach this point;

  • They have toured all or most of the property

  • You have noticed some buying signals

  • You have asked general questions about themselves

  • You have answered any of their questions

  • You have sent up a trial close(s) of soft sell close(s)

Not Always Necessary to Use
For Sale by Owner Closing Sales Techniques

The one thing to keep in mind is not every person that views your house will be interested.

You may find your buyer on your very first showing. You may find your buyer on the 100th showing and any point in between.

You may still want to try some for sale by owner closing sales techniques such as soft selling or some trial closings just for the practice.

Keep in mind of course that if the people show no interest what-so-ever, you probably won't get a positive response.

We will be covering how to handle Negotiations and Offers in other areas of this web-site.

This page just covers sending out little trial balloons with some basic for sale by owner closing sales techniques to see if you get a positive response.

If you get that good positive response, don't let the buyers escape! It's time to go to the kitchen table for some more serious negotiation.

BTW, always have some for sale by owner contract forms on hand in case a buyer wants to put an offer in on your property. Want the best? Check out this page about for sale by owner contracts.

If You Really are Interested

If you would really like to learn all about different types of closings that sales people use and how they use them, here is an excellent site to increase your knowledge in that area at Changing

A Visitor's Comment

I was afraid to think I could sell my house. Now I know I could do it.

I have purposely kept these for sale by owner closing sales techniques simple, because I don't want to complicate things. Remember, you don't have to be a salesperson to sell your house for sale by owner.

People Don't Sell Houses.... Houses Sell Houses. Right? Right!

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