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For Sale by Owner Direct Mail Advertising Ideas 

Let's look at some for sale by owner direct mail advertising ideas, as a possible way to advertise your house.

On this page, I'll share some strategies that you might want to consider using for sale by owner direct mail advertising.

If you are looking for a different form of advertising your house, just select one of the photo or text links below.

Here are a few ideas to consider.

  • Many buyers who are looking to purchase their next home, are looking  to relocate within 10 miles (16 km's) of where they live now.

  • People living in your neighborhood may know a relative, co-worker, or perhaps a friend, looking for a home nearby.

  • Many buyers, will never see a newspaper ad that you might place in your local "Herald".

  • Direct bulk mail marketing targets, all the homes and apartments in a geographical area.

  • You can choose different methods to direct mail.

What Types of For Sale by Owner Direct Mail Marketing Might Work?

The first thing to decide is what kind of literature are you going to direct mail to a given area.

You could as an example:

  • Do up a batch of feature sheets exactly or similar to the ones you hand out at the house. See  For Sale by Owner Flyers


  • Have postcards made with some highlighted features and of course, stunning photos of the home.

I would avoid anything enclosed in an envelope unless you are willing to have each envelope personally addressed from some mailing lists. Why? Too many unaddressed envelopes never even get opened.

Distribution of For Sale by Owner

Direct Mail Advertising

Once you decide what to use, you still have to get the information to the people. Here are a few for sale by owner direct mail advertising ideas on distribution.

For sale by owner direct mail advertising

  • Go to your local post office, give them the zip codes or postal codes that you want to have your literature delivered to, find out how many homes in those areas, and then get a cost for bulk mail.

  • Hire some local young girls and/or boys to hand deliver to the streets you choose offering so much a flyer or a bulk wage.

  • Deliver the flyers or post cards yourself, or make a family affair.

  • Hire a professional company to do the complete job for you using mailing lists.

I am providing a link that list the top 10 reasons to use direct mail. Although it is targeted at business, for the most part, the same reasons apply for you as an individual. To see the list, 10 Reasons to Use Direct Mail.

Everything has a Price Including For Sale by

Owner Direct Mail Marketing

You must keep in mind, that all these for sale by owner direct mail advertising plans have a price. Some cost more money, others more time and still others, both time and money.

If you decide that you can get more bang for your buck by using some of these for sale by owner direct mail advertising ideas, perhaps you could cut back a bit on the newspaper advertising to balance things out a bit.

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The big advantage of this type of marketing when you sell for sale by owner, is you are targeting a group of people that already live in your general area.

Whether you deliver yourself or have one someone do it for you, you will also be marketing to every house that is up for sale in those areas. This will include those that are for sale by owner, listed with a Realtor and those that are getting ready to sell in the near future!

For More Information about Advertising

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