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For Sale by Owner Forms

For those that just want some real estate for sale by owner forms or a purchase agreement contract you can head on over to;

The Very Best For Sale by Owner Contracts.

My suggestion is to read this page first.

On this Page We'll Cover:

  • Home for sale by owner documents needed.

  • Where to obtain them.

  • A MUST clause that you should always include on your for sale by owner agreement contract.

  • The Importance of legal counsel.

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A Few For Sale by Owner Forms

You May Need and

A Brief Description of Each

Here are a list of a few forms for selling a home by owner you may need.

Please be aware that this paperwork may have different names, depending on where you reside.

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement forms.

- Specifies the Agreement of Terms and Conditions between a buyer and a seller.

- Become legal binding contracts, subject to all conditions being met by the seller and buyer involved and are signed and witnessed by all parties involved in the transaction.

  • Schedule "A", "B" etc

- An addition to the Purchase and Sales Agreement, to add extra clauses, which are not in the original P&S Agreement.

This contract will have the names of the parties involved, date and time, a place to sign or initial and a big blank area to write those additional clauses.

  • Counter-offer forms.

- Separate documents that become an addendum to the purchase and sale contracts with the changes on the Counter Offer superseding the original terms and conditions once signed and witnessed by all parties to the agreement.

  • Conditional Offer forms.

- The most common use conditional offer forms that I am familiar with is the successful unconditional selling of the buyer's property.

- Once the sale is achieved, the seller or the seller's lawyer is informed and the condition is lifted. The for sale by owner forms then becomes a firm and binding contract at that point unless other conditions still have to be met.

for sale by owner forms

  • Disclosure Statements.

- The contract for selling a house for sale by owner are going to be very different again depending where you live. They are statements that are made by the seller concerning the property being purchased.

- These can vary from the assurance that there has never been UFFI (Urea-Formaldehyde Foam Insulation) used in the property, to the fact there has never been water in the basement.

- The disclosures in the for sale by owner forms could also include information about insect infestation, or even if there had been a violent death in the house.

- Because many of the standard clause's vary from state to state or province to province, it is important that you use the proper for sale by owner forms for your area.

Where do I Acquire Real Estate For Sale by Owner Forms to Sell My House?

The good news? Easy! Here are some sources to obtain the proper paperwork.

Download from a web-site for a small fee

  • There are sites you can download for sale by owner forms either individually, or as a package, for a small fee.

  • The advantage of these documents is you can order specific for sale by owner forms for your particular area.

  • You can print them off immediately so that you don't have to wait. This is especially important if you have a buyer ready to purchase now!

If you head on over to For Sale by Owner Agreement Forms, you can find full details, including the where and why.

A Visitor's Comment

First, let me say how much I enjoy your site and how wonderfully informative it is. Your information is deep and wide and extremely useful. I am writing to ask your permission to link to your site. Obviously, we can not provide this kind of consultation but you can and do.

A Few Other Possible Sources

  • A real estate lawyer.

- Go to a lawyer's office that handles residential real estate transactions and ask for the blank house for sale by owner documents.

- The lawyer's office will probably charge you for any for sale by owner forms.

  • A local real estate agent.

- Go to a particular agent that you might consider doing business with, when you buy your next home and ask for the real estate forms.

- In many cases, they will supply you copies for free.

  • A mortgage broker.

- If you have Mortgage Brokers in your area, approach them for some blank for sale by owner forms.

- The pay-off for them would be you guide the buyer of your house to the mortgage broker and/or you use that mortgage broker to secure your next mortgage.

- A Mortgage Broker may not have these forms available, but it might be worth a shot.

  • Free downloadable for sale by owner real estate contracts on the web.

- This one is a bit tricky. First of all, all things aren't free as stated, so you may have to really dig for truly free.

- I found that although there may be "free" for sale by owner forms offered, in most if not all cases, they didn't include the real estate forms. The sites would offer all kinds of other forms for free, except the real estate contracts. Check it out for yourself.

- The second problem is you may be able to find free "generic" blank contracts. This I feel may not be worth the risk to save a few dollars.

  • Your local stationery store

- I don't recommend this option due to my own personal experience. When I examined these blank for sale by owner forms from this source, I found them to be either out of date, not suitable for the jurisdiction I was in, or both.

The Absolute Must Clause

Although I hesitate including clauses on this site, I believe this one is far too important, not to include on your for sale by owner forms.

Remember, I do not make any claim or representation if you use this clause and you do so at your own discretion and risk. OK?

This clause I had in EVERY For Sale by Owner Contract that I supplied to the sellers when I had the for sale by owner company.

May I suggest if you use this clause, that you also include one for the buyer as well. You can use the clause to your advantage.

Subject to Lawyer Approval

Here is the clause that I used for all the for sale by owner forms when I had my for sale by owner company.

This Contract is subject to the approval as to form and content by the seller's lawyer upon acceptance of this contract by both the seller and the buyer. If said approval is not given by the seller's lawyer on or before the following condition date and time, the seller shall notify the buyer or the buyer's lawyer in writing and may declare this contract null and void and the buyer's deposit shall be returned in full, without interest or penalty. The condition date is the ____ day of the ____ month in the year of ________ at or before ________ a.m./p.m.

* This clause should protect you, if you or the buyer, makes a major blunder on the Agreement of Sale. To include this same protection for the buyer, just interchange the words seller's and seller with buyer's and buyer and visa versa.

You may have a buyer that won't sign any for sale by owner real estate forms until they see their lawyer first.

If a buyer wants to talk to a lawyer before signing a contract, here is some information on how you can handle that situation. It's called I Want to Talk to My Lawyer First

Legal Counsel

Unless you are a lawyer familiar with all aspects of real estate contract law, always obtain the services of a real estate lawyer.

What is the first thing you and your buyer should do, once you have all your signed paperwork in hand? Make an appointment with your respective lawyer's for a review of the contract.

I do not recommend you use the family, business, criminal, divorce, corporate or any other type of lawyer unless, a great deal of their business is practicing residential real estate transactions.

Some lawyers specialize in residential real estate contracts. Some law offices have lawyers on staff that specialize in particular fields. If residential real estate is one of them, great.

A Few Final Words Before We Move On

There are very few reasons why you should not be able to successfully sell your house for sale by owner.

Just because you are not familiar with the for sale by owner forms or real estate documents, in general, should not be a deterrent.

Some real estate agents will tell you all kinds of horror stories, to scare you into listing with them.

Most people should not require the use of a real estate agent to sell their residential property if they follow the guidelines on this web-site.

This has been proven over and over when I had my for sale by owner company.

The success rate was head to head with the real estate agents, with an average list to sale ratio of 95%! Proof!

On this web-site, there is the same information - PLUS - I shared with those for sale by owners.

The reason you receive even more information is; I'm not there personally to guide you.

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