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For Sale by Owner Photography Tips

We'll start our for sale by owner photography tips with an exercise you can easily do, in a short space of time.

  • Go to any for sale by owner, or real estate site that list properties for sale.

  • Do a quick search by area, type of building, price, bedrooms etc. Hint: Narrow it down to a manageable amount of properties.

  • Look at several listings including the write-up and the real estate photography, while pretending that you are a buyer.

  • Select properties that you would find of interest, if you were buying a home today.

  • How many properties did you select because of the photography?

Below are some links about advertising that you may find useful when it comes to selling a house for sale by owner.

How did you make out? I'm not a "visual" type person, yet I still select properties based on those real estate photos that I see online.

How to Take Photos of a Home as a
For Sale by Owner

For Sale by Owner Photography Help
Some Basic Do's and Don'ts 

for sale by owner photography

Look at these 2 photos of similar type homes. A couple of real simple mistakes are made with the photo on the left.

How to Take Good House Photos

Always try to include the whole building in your outside for sale by owner photos. Don't chop part of the house, garage, roof etc. off.

  • Most buildings when you sell a property, look better if you take the shot on an angle instead of straight on. This is a common mistake by us "non-professional" photographers when it comes to photos. Real estate agents also make this mistake quite often.

  • Try to take your pictures on "bright sunny days" if possible. Dark and rainy days don't give people a warm and fuzzy. Having said that, a light overcast sky can turn out great when it comes to taking exterior real estate photos.

Question: What is the most important room when it comes to selling a house?

Answer: In many cases, the kitchen.

Lesson? Always try to take a nice photo or several of the kitchen.

A Visitor's Testimony

I want to thank you so much for your input , as I have found it to be a godsend!

Following are 3 photographs of similar type kitchens.

Two of these glossy's are less than stellar while one is excellent for a couple reasons.

Some For Sale by Owner Photography Guidance for the Home Interior 

  • Again, try to get the whole kitchen view in the picture. It gives a feeling of a larger kitchen and feels more warm and inviting.

  • Use lots of lighting in your photo. This is important for all inside shots.

  • Have clutter cleared away and please don't have dirty dishes in the sink.

Neat, clean, bright and inviting is the goal when it comes to selling for sale by owner.

For information on preparing your property go to House Staging

For Sale by Owner Photography Information

How does the kitchen below make you feel?

Does it make you feel that you would like to see more of this property?

This does depend on your own personal choices and desires, but if this is the type of kitchen that would appeal to you, you would want to see more, right?

For Sale by Owner Photography Tips - How to Take Great Interior House Photos


Should you take for sale by owner photos of the bathrooms? Well, it really depends on the bathroom.

Do you have a bathroom(s) that will enhance your collection? Go ahead. When you have photos online when you are selling your property for sale by owner, more is better up to a point. Don't skimp with your photographs online to save a nickel. Why?

For Sale by Owner Photography Information

How to Take Interior House Photos to Bring Out Those Good Feelings in Buyers

Feel Good Photos do just that. They make the viewer feel good. They make the viewer say, "I think I'd like to live here!"

Poor photos, on the other hand, make the viewer say, "Next!"

A couple of for sale by owner photography tips about bathroom images as illustrated above and below.

  • Try to get the whole bathroom.

  • Please check to make sure the toilet seat is down before snapping the photo.

  • Lots of lights on to make the room bright.

  • Try to match the color of the whole bathroom with any accessories.

The bathroom above looks clean and bright.

The towels and accessories are all matching.

What does it say to you?

"I think I'd like this bathroom and perhaps the whole home"

For Sale by Owner Photography Tips 

Concerning Backyards and More

One of the for sale by owner photography tips when it comes to landscaping, backyards, decks, views and pools etc, is to make sure they add value to the viewer. In other words, don't take photos of your property, just to add more pictures.

The two photos on the left and below illustrate something to the viewer. The unkempt lawn with the patio chairs and table engulf in vegetation says;

Wow! I bet the rest of the home is a disaster as well. Next!

The second of the play set says a lot as well;

  • Wow! If that play set is included, I bet my young children would love it!

  • Looks like there may be younger children in this neighborhood.

  • Looks like they keep the yard in good shape, so the rest of the property and house probably is also.

  • Oh oh! Is that water back there? I could never feel comfortable with my 2-year-old at this place.

  • Boy, I sure like that green space and water between my home and my neighbors in back.

Do you see what I'm getting at here? One of the most important for sale by owner photography tips is to try and look at what buyer's might be seeing when you take a photo.

Sometimes what may look like a positive, could, in fact, be a...wait for it.....Next!

Yes....a picture is worth a thousand words.

For Sale by Owner Photography Tips

Those Other Rooms

Yes, it is a good idea to take photos of various other rooms in the house, but don't go overboard.

  • Bedrooms? The master bedroom may be all that is needed unless another bedroom is really special.

  • Living rooms? Family rooms? Great. Use full room coverage if possible and make sure features like a fireplace or home theater are included.

  • Garages? Outside photo great. Inside photography? Only if it's really special. If you can eat off the floor and there is a big bright modern workshop inside, go ahead, snap one or two off.

  • Furnace rooms? - Short answer - No. Have you ever heard someone say; "Oh, We went to see that house because of the lovely furnace photo!"

  • Air-conditioners - No.

  • Hallways? - No.

  • Basement apartments? - Yes

  • Garden? - If well maintained - Sure

  • Backyard? - If it enhances your viewer's visit - Sure. If you have a lovely 2 or 3 tiered red cedar deck with a hot tub - Absolutely.

  • Finally, use your judgment. Look at each area through a potential buyer's eyes. Will a photo here be a plus or a minus?

When it comes to How to Take Photos of a Home as a For Sale by Owner, Ask Yourself....

What am I Selling?

Many people selling homes forget what they are marketing. They think they are advertising a house. Unless it is an income property, they are selling a dream, a wish, a lifestyle, a new beginning, pride, comfort and/or prestige.

Important For Sale by Owner Photography Tips:  

Always keep in mind that you aren't just selling a house. You are selling "FEELINGS"

Think to yourself. Why did I choose to live here? Yes, you have to stay within your budget, but you probably made an emotional decision when you chose your present house. Be honest now. Am I right? Probably. Unless you are a structural engineer. Whole nutter story. :)

Should I Do My Own For Sale by Owner Real Estate Photography?

In most cases, taking your own photos is probably your best choice. If you list with a for sale by owner company, which I do highly recommend, they may offer to take photos for you.

If they do, ask to see them first before they go online. If you are not satisfied, let  them know. It is too important to not have good photos online.

If you selling with a Realtor, which of course I hope you don't, same thing. Ask to see their work before they post anything on their website.

DO NOT be afraid to ask that pictures be retaken, or that you supply your own photos to be placed on a website. Poor photos equal poor results!

The Absolute Worst Case of All

when Taking For Sale by Owner Real Estate Photos

I shouldn't even have to include these next for sale by owner photography tips!

The worst photo sin of all and totally avoidable when it comes to taking great real estate photos is leaving photos on a website out of season! Oh Boy!

It's the middle of summer and the outside of your house online show 3 feet of snow!

It's early spring and the trees leaves in your yard are showing their spectacular fall colors!

If it's the middle of winter where you live and there are 3 feet of snow on the ground, it is OK to have summer photos (selling the dream). Just have a note where it will be noticed that these are summer pictures for your viewer's pleasure.

Of course, this will depend on where you live. Some areas don't go through this wild change of seasons like where I live. :(  Yes, sometimes I'm jealous).

If you did the exercise above looking at various houses online, now would be a good time to go back and take a second look. Perhaps jot down what appeals to you.

What makes you want to say; "Next!" This may help show the way when it comes to selling your house with online photos.

You Should Always Have Your Property Online with 

Great Outside For Sale by Owner Photos


Great Interior For Sale by Owner Photos

I think it is extremely important to have a presence online today when selling for sale by owner.

I did not include information on this page about for sale by owner photography tips about the type of equipment to use, shutter speeds, lens etc. because my knowledge is very limited in this area.

I did a search online about camera settings and the like with a lot of conflicting and more-or-less confusing results so, if you decide to use your smartphone for photos, you might find the link below helpful.

Smartphone Photography

I haven't found a website for using a digital camera for real estate photos I like yet, so that will have to wait. Most websites I looked at seem to be all about trying to sell cameras.

For some great insight of who and why you might consider certain websites to promote your property for sale by owner, please go to the following page: 

For Sale by Owner Websites

For More Information about Advertising

For some great promotion ideas to market your home, please click on any of these thumbnail photo links

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