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Best For Sale by Owner Real Estate Supplies

Do you just want to find the best for sale by owner real estate supplies right now and not have to read how and why I choose these services? In a hurry? You can go directly to your choice by selecting one of the thumbnail photo links below.

I would suggest you read this whole page, as I'm going to share some very important information about why some webmasters, recommend certain merchants and why you should be careful.

This may assist you in the future when researching merchants online, for not only the best for sale by owner real estate supplies but anything you may be considering to purchase.

The Best For Sale by Owner Real Estate Supplies

On this particular page, I'll be sharing with you how and why, I choose each supplier that you may consider, to assist you to sell your own house without using a Realtor.

For those that want to learn more about how I select the best for sale by owner real estate supplies and the dirty little secret I promised you, please continue.

The Internet can be a jungle, right? You search for information, or for goods you can buy and most of us do one of three things:

  • Type some text in a search engine, look at a few results and make a decision.

  • Spend hours, days, weeks, or months, doing research to find the best product, for the best price, that satisfies our needs of a product or service.

  • Do something in-between the two above.

Well, dear reader, I have some good news!

I have spent the hours, days, weeks and months doing all that research for you, so it will be easier for you to choose your best for sale by owner real estate supplies.

A Shocking Truth Exposed!

Let me go off track here for a moment, OK? I'm about to let you in on a little secret that you may not be aware of, that may save you a lot of heartaches.

This may seem like it has nothing to do with finding the best for sale by owner real estate supplies, but it does.

Did you ever do a search for say....some PC software, or a hotel to stay at on vacation.

You type in your request for say the best anti-virus software. The results come up and jackpot! you have a list of the top 3 software products. Not only that but they are rated by the reviewer from the best listed first and then they decrease in value as you go down the list. 

Please stay with me here. I have a point. Did you ever hear about affiliates on the Internet? If you haven't, these are suppliers that sell products and services on the Internet, that pay other websites to promote their goods.

Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely not! It's advertising and most companies need to advertise their products, or services, to let customers know who they are and what they have to offer.

So what is the problem? You, have to sort out the promoters that recommend a product, or service because it's in YOUR best interest and those that promote a product, or service, that pays the webmaster, a higher commission.

Do you see where I'm coming from? I can go to sites right now and show you some self-serving greedy folks that are just in it for the money.

They don't give a hoot about the visitor. Cha-Ching! Just made another $20.00. Just for fun as I was writing this page, I did a quick search on a particular type of software.

Each time, the number one choice paid a higher commission percentage. The 2nd and 3rd choices paid less commission. Coincidence? Hmmmm??? Perhaps.

Do all these webmasters promote their selected merchants based on how much they will be paid? Absolutely not. I've studied these marketing techniques for a long time and can usually pick out the bad apples in about 30 seconds.

Do I promote for sale by owner real estate supplies that pay me a commission in helping you sell your own house? Absolutely. Here is the difference. I only promote sites that I consider the best for you, the visitor. So, if I say my choices are the best for sale by owner real estate supplies, I honestly believe this is so, based on my research.

Do I get a commission from all my recommended for sale by owner real estate supplies? Absolutely not. If I find a site that is superior to others but doesn't pay commissions, I'm going to share that with you, the reader. I'm here to help you first. If I can make some money along the way to pay for this site, why not?

An example of this and there are others, is my recommendation on how to sell your own house using a Canadian for sale by owner website. There are websites that offer affiliate commissions, but none measured up to my high standards. So, my recommendation for best for sale by owner website to use to sell your own house in Canada does not pay anything to me.

The company I chose for people selling in the U.S.A. used to pay me a small commission, but they have since stopped the program. I still had a link up for your use, even though I receive nothing from the company.

After approximately 2 years, I  re-evaluated my choice of a for sale by owner website and have changed my #1 choice. This latest for sale by owner website does pay me an affiliate fee.

I therefore pick for sale by owner real estate supplies that I feel are best for you the seller, even if I receive zero compensation. As I was a Realtor, I was as a for sale by owner company, as I am as a webmaster.

I don't waiver from the "Golden Rule". Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.

I'm looking for the crème de la crème when I give my best for sale by owner reviews, so you can have the best product or service. If you want to see how I operate and how I got here, go to  My Story

for sale by owner real estate supplies

How I Choose the

Best for Sale by Owner Real Estate Supplies

How do I select the sites I recommend that will help you to sell your own house? Below is a partial list of the work that goes into selecting the crème de la crème.

Note: Some of the selections depend on what is being offered. As an example: If you are looking for a national/international for sale by owner web-site to promote and sell your own house, the amount of traffic the site receives is absolutely vital.

When it comes time to sell your own house, if you want to invest in an outstanding for sale by owner yard sign, the amount of traffic the web-site receives is not important at all.

If it receives next to nothing traffic, there could be a concern of; "Will they be in business," if this is their main source of income, but as far as traffic affecting their quality or value, it means nothing.

Bored yet? :) Here is the partial list of some of my research, for EVERY supplier I recommend when looking for the best for sale by owner resources.

  • How much traffic does the site receive?

  • How long have they been in business?

  • Is the company listed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)? If so, what is their ranking? A+? C?

  • Does the company have a solid 100% money back policy?

  • How easy is it to navigate the site? If it takes a university degree in Internet Technology to find what you are looking for, many of us will just give up and go elsewhere.

  • How clean is the look and feel on the site? I like nice easy to look at and follow websites. If the site looks like a thousand things are going on at the same time, with various pop-ups (I hate pop-ups!)and widgets moving around, I'm usually out of there within 2 to 5 seconds.

  • Quality of the product, or service, versus value.

  • Does the company have lots of selection to choose from, or is it a take it or leave it? This depends again on the type of product or services being offered.

  • I also do a search online to see if the company has been accused of any scams or bad business practices. I use several different website for this research.

This is the minimum research that I do on each company that I recommend. It is important to me that you receive, what is in my opinion, the very best service, when you are looking for the best for sale by owner real estate supplies.

I also have and will, make personal phone calls to some of the suppliers.

Looking for Something?

Now, in conclusion, if you are looking for my personal recommendations for the best for sale by owner real estate supplies, just head on up to these thumbnail photo links.

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Bravo again and Thank You for your honesty which has gone by the way side for many.

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