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For Sale by Owner House Closing Process for Seller 

The for sale by owner house closing process when selling a home will be covered on the next few pages. We will look at that time between all those clauses being satisfied and the big moving day. In other words, the house closing preparation.

You've followed and completed all the for sale by owner tips to this point. All the conditions of the sale have been met. You are just waiting now to bring everything to the final conclusion.

If you haven't done so yet, go ahead, put that big SOLD sign on your yard sign. Go ahead, I'll wait here. :)

There is still work to be done which we will cover on the next pages of your for sale by owner house closing process.

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What is Left to Complete the For Sale by Owner House Closing Process

Here is a few for sale by owner house closing process tips about some work still to be done:

  • Prepare the property for the new owner.

  • Arrange all the cancellations for utilities, insurance, mail etc.

  • Arrange all the hook-ups for your new place of residence.

  • Calculate all your closing costs.

  • Have the buyer do their final walk through inspection.

  • Signs all the final papers with your lawyer and mortgage lender.

  • Monetary adjustments to be made, by your lawyer.

  • Moving Day

For Sale by Owner House Closing Process

No Need to Panic

Although the list above may seem quite intimidating, it really isn't that big of a deal. Sure, moving can be a pain, but it can also be exciting as you turn another page in your life.

Most of the other stuff usually goes along quite smoothly and most of the actual work is done by others.

So let's break down this for sale by owner house closing process into bite size pieces, OK?

Preparing the House for Closing Day

for sale by owner house closing process

Here are some for sale by owner house closing process tips concerning possible tasks to perform, in order to prepare your home for the new owner that bought your house.

Depending on where you live and the time of year:

  • Make sure all garbage goes out on garbage day. Anything left after that, please remove from premises.

  • Have floors clean. Vacuum, sweep, wash, wax and or wash.

  • Clean windows, sinks and counter tops.

  • Touch up any dings and scrapes that may have occurred during your move.

  • If any appliances are included, leave all paperwork including any transferable warranties concerning items purchased, for the new owner. If the fridge is turned off, leave the door partially open and secured in that position.

  • Leave all paperwork concerning such items as the furnace, air-conditioner and security system.

  • Leave paperwork for any repairs recently done such as a re-shingled roof.

  • If closing is during hot weather, leave the air-conditioning running at a comfortable temperature.

  • If cold weather, leave the furnace set at a comfortable level.

  • Leave any partially used paint, varnish or wallpaper in the house or garage, clearly marked where it was used.

  • Leave a note to the new owner and include your new address. They may get mail later that they can forward to you. They may also have a question concerning something about the house that you can help them with. You may also want to give the new owner your telephone number(s).

  • A nice bouquet of flowers or a fruit bowl left in the kitchen can be a nice gesture.

  • Leave a roll of toilet paper in each bathroom.

  • Leave a roll of paper towels in the kitchen.

  • You may want to write up a list explaining to the new owner where water shutoff valves are located or where the furnace emergency shut-off is located.

  • Make sure you leave any extra keys to house, garage, sheds etc. for the new owner. Don't forget any remotes you have for the garage door.

  • Write down any combination lock numbers or security codes.

  • Make sure you have topped off any oil or propane fuel tanks if required in the contract.

  • Another of the for sale by owner tips is to read the purchase and sales agreement one more time, to ensure you are not missing any obligations, before going to your attorney for the closing.

You, of course, want to arrange hookups and disconnects. For more information on that subject, go to Home Moving Checklist

Can't Think of Everything!

Your own personal situation may involve more items than listed above. Some of the for sale by owner house closing process tips on the list may not pertain to you at all.

If you have tenants renting your house, or perhaps part of the house, make sure that they have
been either been given proper notice to vacant, or the lease is in place for the new landlord.


A Visitor's Testimony

Sold the house by ourselves in 16 days!!! 97% of the asking price. Thanks for the help.

Speaking of tenants, a nice gesture is to personally introduce the tenants to the new landlord.

Here are some more tips when  Selling with Tenants

That is about all I can think of at this time on this for sale by owner house closing process for seller page. I'll add any other items if and when they occur to me. Of course, I'll never cover every possible contingency!

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