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For Sale by Owner

Home Moving Checklist

It's almost impossible to make your for sale by owner home moving checklist and cover every possible item that may need your attention. I will, therefore, try to cover as many tips for moving as possible, just to try and jog your memory.

The actual move is covered here: Moving Day Tips.

First some of the most common things to do when moving from a house.

  • Forwarding your mail and notifying everyone. Unless you are the most organized person on the planet, you are going to forget someone.

My advice is to ask for the longest possible mail forwarding time, that the post office will allow in your area. This maximum period could be 6 months to a year, depending on where you live.

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Who do I Need to Inform When I Move?

At the end of 6 months to a year, most of the people, companies and organizations will have contacted you at least once.

Make a list of all the contacts that you want to correspond with and sent them your change of address.

Don't forget the income tax, life insurance and investment people.

The following utilities may be individual, or possibly in bundles.

As an example, our gas, water and electrical are supplied by the city.

Our land phone, cable and internet service, are all one supplier. Here is a list of some companies to notify. Make sure you give them as much notice as required.

  • Oil and/or Gas Company

  • Electrical Supplier

  • Cable

  • Telephone

  • Cell phone

  • Internet supplier

  • Water company

  • Garbage

You will either need to cancel the service or do a disconnect and hook-up at your new residence.

You will want to contact your home insurance company.

Moving Advice: Make sure you keep your home insured until after the closing.

Some More People to Write on Your For Sale by Owner Home Moving Checklist

  • You will also want to do a change of address with some of the following:

  • Your driver's license and vehicle registration

  • Credit card companies

  • Your banking institutions

  • Newspaper delivery

  • How about your place of employment?

  • If you have a dog license, don't forget to inform them of your move.

What do I need to Cancel

When Moving?

Don't Forget Those Contractors on Your

For Sale by Owner Home Moving Checklist

A Visitor's Testimony

Just spent the last hour or so reading the material on your website - great stuff and good on you for sharing your experience.

You may also have companies to add to your for sale by owner home moving checklist that you contract out for services. Some examples could be:

  • Lawn care service

  • Snow removal

  • Security alarm company

  • Furnace maintenance and chimney cleaning

for sale by owner home moving checklist

Some More Things to do When Moving Out of a House

Across the City or to a New Country

How extensive you need to be with your for sale by owner home moving checklist, can depend to a large part, how far you are moving.

If you are just making a local move, some of these tips for moving are fairly simple.

If you are moving to a different city, state, province or a different country and perhaps even a different continent, you might want to check, double check and triple check.

  • How about these items:

  • Your passport

  • Work visa

  • Medical, dental, veterinarian and school records may need to be obtained or transferred.

  • Vaccinations

  • Employment records and recommendations

  • You may need to cancel memberships to certain local organizations

  • How about library membership, or any books, DVD's, CD's etc. that need to be returned.

  • Cancel any child care services

Things to do When Moving Into a New House

Some more For Sale by Owner Home Moving Checklist Advice

Here are a few more items that may or may not concern you:

  • Magazine subscriptions

  • If your e-mail will change, notify all your contacts.

  • Make sure any prescriptions needed are filled if you are making a long distance move.

If I think of more items as time passes, I'll try to add them as soon as possible.

If anyone reading this page has more items they think I should add, I'd be very grateful if you sent me a quick e-mail. Just go to Contact Me Thank you.

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