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For Sale by Owner House Staging Tips

We'll start our for sale by owner house staging tips by grabbing our clipboard and paper with a pen in hand. Of course today, you are more likely to grab your ipod touch, tablet or android device.

As you go room to room, make notes of anything you could and/or should improve on from the list below.

Instead of me going room to room inside the home when staging a house to sell, I'll just cover some general basics. It reminds me when a Realtor® would say, "And this is the kitchen".

Do you think that perhaps the fridge, stove, micro-wave, kitchen sink and counter-top might have been a hint? Listen, observe and talk less.

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Sorry for going off track. There is a whole new day coming up when you learn How to Show a House. Right now I'll try to concentrate on for sale by owner house staging tips.

Important Tips

  • Painting: If your house could use a fresh coat of paint inside please do it. One side note here. The safest way to go when painting for resale is go with Light Colors. Dark colors may turn some people off and also make rooms look smaller. A touch of gray or beige is about as safe as you can get. Not a good idea to paint with pure white either.

A Visitor's Comment

I cannot express how grateful I am to you for your guidance and help.

  • Windows: If they need cleaning, clean away. I personally find vinegar and water as good or better as any commercial cleaner. Make sure window dressings are attractive and clean as well.

  • Plumbing: Check for any leaks under sinks, toilets, lower level ceilings and faucets. This is very important that leaks be repaired before showings. If you have stained or cracked toilets and/or sinks consider replacing. They are quite reasonable in price and well worth the purchase.

  • Electrical: If you have an older home with lower amperage electrical you might consider an upgrade. Not a huge expense and eliminates another problem to a buyer. Make sure electrical covers are not missing or cracked. You may want to replace all of them if they are out of date and off color especially if you just painted. Very inexpensive upgrade.

for sale by owner house staging tips

  • Flooring: Hardwood, vinyl, ceramic and other types of flooring, should be clean and bright. If you have hardwood and it really needs sanding and refinishing, it is probably worth doing. This should be done before any other work is done. If carpet is really dated and worn out, you may want to consider replacing. This one is going to cost you some money, but just picture that buyer when they see all new carpeting! If carpeting is in good shape, just keep it vacuumed and clean. If stretched, it's important to have that looked after.

  • Light Fixtures: Replace any broken fixtures and make sure you have adequate wattage bulbs to create lots of light for viewings. Dark usually doesn't sell well.

  • Clutter: If your property has accumulated far to much stuff over the years, it may be time for a ruthless cleanup! If the extras aren't useful or desired any longer, have a garage sale or perhaps some would make good gifts. If you can't let go, try storing in the attic or garage or as last resort, you could rent a storage place for the period of time your property is on the market.

  • Closets and Cupboards: This is another area where we have a tendency to “accumulate”. There may be an opportunity here to get rid of those clothes we haven't worn in 4 years! Linen closets sometimes need a look through and don't forget the kitchen cupboards.

There may well be other areas of Your House that I've missed with these for sale by owner house staging tips. If you pretend that you are buying your own home as you walk through, you may pick up on other changes you may want to consider.

Keep in mind that these for sale by owner house staging tips, are all about creating that Feeling. I will tell you about a little game I used to play in another section of this web-site when I sold homes. That should make it crystal clear how important emotions are when buyers walk through your property.

Remember, People Don't Sell Houses.......Houses Sell Houses

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