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Making House for Sale by Owner Signs 

Lets look at some house for sale by owner signs. This will work very well, if you decide not to sign on with a for sale by owner company, or the company you choose doesn't supply signs.

Not interested, or don't have time to make your own signs? Just click on the link below and it will take you to the wonderful world of designing your own custom built signs that will be delivered directly to you! Custom House For Sale by Owner Signs

For those that still want to make their own signs, a simple but effective way to go, is to buy a 1/2 sheet of ¼” - ½” plywood, or coroplast. You can cut the sheet to say, 36" wide and 24" high (approx. 91cm x 61cm)

You can of course, make the sign bigger,or smaller if desired. I would recommend that your main yard sign be at minimum, 18" x 24".

Put a coat of primer on each side, if using plywood and then one or two coats of white outside paint. You can also go with a dark color and then use white for lettering.

After the paint is dry, either layout your letters and numbers using a pencil and a straight edge, or you could buy a set of stencils and use those.

For more information about for sale by owner signage, just select any of the thumbnail photo links below.

What to Put on Your House For Sale by Owner Sign

The following should be on your sign:

  • House for Sale by Owner

  • Your Cell/Text Number (a second land line number is optional)

  • The asking price

  • Certified appraisal available (You are going to get one, right?)
house for sale by owner signs

Why Put the Price on the House For Sale by Owner Signs?

  • You are not a real estate agent.

  • You as a for sale by owner, have one goal. Sell My House.

  • A real estate agent has a different goal. Sell A House.

Let me explain.....

When you are selling by owner, you don't want to be bothered by people who are looking in a different price range.

If you are on the market for $275,000.00 and a buyer drives by that can afford $175,000.00, do you want them ringing your bell? No. They not only won't buy your house, they can't.

Not only is this a waste of time for you, but if it happens several times, there can be some real negative effects that I will cover on another page.

When a real estate agent is marketing a house, he or she wants the phone to ring including Mr. And Mrs. “I am qualified to buy up to $175,000.00”

Why? OK I'll do the bit.


Good-morning, XYZ realty Beth speaking.

Hi, I drove by a house on Elm Lane this morning and saw your house for sale signs. What is the asking price?

Lets see, Oh yes, that's a new listing on Elm Lane. They are asking $275,000.00. Is that in the price range you are looking?

.......Not really...We were trying to stay somewhere in the ballpark of $175,000.00 or less.

What areas were you interested in?

Anywhere on the west side of town would be preferred because my daughter goes to school there.

I'm Beth Brown by the way, who am I speaking to?

It's Harry Stone.

Well Harry, we have several properties in that area in your price range. Where are you living now?

You get the idea. Beth the real estate agent would not get this call if she put the price on your property. You don't need or want Harry to call you. Got it? Great, I knew you'd catch on fast.

Side Note: Beth the real estate agent was handling that call quite well. From past experience many real estate agents were not nearly as efficient and would lose many of these callers right after the price was given.

The Paint has Dried on Your House for Sale by Owner Signs Now

Once your paint is dried, you could put your for sale sign up in a tent configuration as shown on the left. Of course you would need 2 sign pieces for this style.

You could also do a 3 post style with an arm at the top as shown below. You then can put eye hooks on the bottom of the arm and hang your sign from there.

With the 3 post style, you may want to build your sign much larger.

The advantage of this type of sign is you can then add rider signs such as open house or an extra like "air-conditioning" during one of those days when the temperature soars.

Likewise during a very cold spell, you could hang the "cozy wood fireplace" sign. Hey, it's all about feelings, Right?

Whatever style you decide, make sure it is highly visible, professional looking and sturdy enough to withstand any high winds.

The sign shown here on the left is my favorite type of house for sale by owner signs.

It is professional looking, high visibility, lots of space to work with and room for riders on top and bottom.

To secure the sign, you don't have to dig a big hole by the way. Buy a piece of angle iron, say 4 feet long, cut one end with a hacksaw on an angle to make it sharp, drill two or three holes in the section that will be above ground. You could also ask someone at the hardware store to cut the angle iron for you.

You then can pound the piece into the ground leaving the part with holes above ground and secure the post to that with two or 3 lag bolts.

For more stability, use two pieces of angle iron. An optional method would be to use a couple of those angle pieces that you see used for metal shelving.

One more method to secure is to purchase one of those 4 x 4 post holder spikes that you pound into the ground. They have bolts and nuts that tighten up on the corners. When installing the angle iron or the post holder spike, make sure you are not going to hit a water main, gas line etc. 

You will also notice an addition of a feature sheet holder on the post. You can just use a mail box for this.

On the outside you could have the words. "Information Feature Sheets, Please Take One", or words to that effect.

You Don't Want To Build Your Own

House for Sale by Owner Signs?

Not everyone wants to take the time and effort to build their own house for sale by owner signs. If you are one of those, may I give you some advice? Thanks.

A Visitor's Comment

Thank you for all this valuable information. Well written. Easy to understand.

Don't buy one of those cheap little red and white signs you see at the hardware store. They are two small, unprofessional looking and fade in the sun in about 2 weeks making you look like you have been on the market for months!

You can buy a for sale sign, (or signs) on line for a reasonable price. You can have them customized with what you want to place on the sign and shipped right to your door!

I have researched extensively and found a few of these suppliers I'd like to recommend. If you are interested please proceed to: For Sale by Owner Yard Signs

Boy Doug, This Sure is Adding Up

When you sell for sale by owner, you need to invest a bit of money. Sorry. Some professional looking house for sale by owner signs is part of that investment.

Later we will talk about Advertising and Marketing. Have to spend some there as well.

Remember, you could be saving thousands in commissions, so this is peanuts compared to that.

Here's the Good News!

In another section of this web-site, I will show you how to get All Your Investment Back on This Page, should you for some unknown reason decide to give up and list with a real estate agent.

Once you finish this Master's Course in Sell My House FSBO, I doubt if there will be many of you!

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