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Staging a House For Sale by Owner

Staging a house for sale by owner, may seem obvious to you. Lets face it, you want your property to look it's best when prospective buyers come looking.

When my wife and I were Realtors, we were surprised at the number of homes that were not ready for viewing.

When we had our for sale by owner company, most homes were much better prepared.

I know there's a message there somewhere, but it still puzzles me somewhat.

It may have something to do with the type of person that decides to sell “for sale by owner”.

It may also be because owners that are less prepared may “think” they need a real estate agent.

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Not the Artistic Type, when it comes to staging a house for sale by owner?

If you really believe that you can't look at your property objectively, you may want to try a couple of other approaches.

  • Ask a friend, relative, neighbor or a real estate agent for their opinion.


  • Hire a professional from your area that prepares properties for resale. You usually have a choice of them actually doing the house staging, or they can give a consultation.

staging a house for sale

Please prepare your property for that first judgment.

When preparing your home to sell, the first person to satisfy, is you. The second is the appraiser and then the public. Staging your house for sale, should not be taken lightly.

Here is a website, with some great Home Staging Tips.

There's No Place Like Home

Buyers will choose the property that feels like home and is in their price range. All you have to do in "Sell My House FSBO", is be that #1 choice.

Lets look at some staging a house for sale tips on the next few pages. OK? We'll break things up in bite size portions.

I realize that some of you may want to skip this section of sell my house fsbo. Even if you only pick up one or two pointers, it may be well worth at least a quick peruse. Right? Remember, your success is my reward.

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I cannot express how grateful I am to you for your guidance and help.

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