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MLS by Owner

MLS by owner, is now a proven add-on to the for sale by owner arsenal, when it comes to selling by private sale.

MLS which stands for Multiple Listing Services, is probably the strongest argument that the Realtor have for listing with a real estate broker.

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The reason the MLS system has an advantage is the multiplication factor. Here is what happens:

  • A homeowner named Dan lists with real estate agent Beth.

  • Beth enters the property into the MLS system.

  • Every agent that belongs to the MLS system, now has the information about Dan's house and can either sell themselves, or if they practice in a different area, make a buyer that is moving to Dan's area, aware of the property and the details.

  • So, if you are selling for sale by owner and decide to go MLS as well, you have a huge exposure advantage. It places your house in front of buyers that look at the MLS system and also the Realtors using that system.

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mls by owner

I've always thought that the MLS system as perhaps the biggest advantage that Realtors have, when it comes to selling real estate.

MLS by Owner

Now You Can Have it Both Ways!

Not every country, state, province, or territory, may have this service available.

The Short and Sweet of this system

  • You are "for sale by owner" promoting and showing your own property.

  • You are also listed with an agent that provides the MLS exposure.

  • You pay the real estate agent a flat fee for the service. This may be in the $300.00 to $500.00 range. This is of course subject to change.

  • You also agree to pay any selling agent that finds a buyer a commission. This may be somewhere in the 2 - 3% range.

  • If you find the buyer yourself and complete the transaction without a real estate agent, you are only out the flat fee.

Advantages of MLS by Owner

The advantages of MLS while for sale by owner are:

  • Exposure - Realtors will possibly bring qualified buyers to your house.

  • Exposure - Buyers may find your listing on such places as or in the U.S.A. and buy directly through you.

  • Cost - If you sell through a Realtor this way, you save the commission minus the flat fee.

The Disadvantage of MLS by Owner

  • Cost - You will pay more money out of pocket than if you sell the traditional "for sale by owner" way.

A Visitor's Comment

Hi...boy I wish I had found this site 8 months ago!!

A Comparative Example of Costs

Using our traditional $275,000.00 house that I've been using throughout this website, lets look at the comparison of costs.

Whether you are doing a traditional "for sale by owner", or a MLS by owner, your advertising costs, signs, flyers etc, should be roughly the same.

Don't forget, you are still offering your house "for sale by owner".

What we will do, is just look at the Extra cost involved with a MLS by owner sale. We will look at two different scenarios.

You Sell Without a Realtor 

In case you are using the MLS by owner option and you find and sell to your own buyer, it would cost you:

  • The flat listing fee of perhaps $300 - 500 plus any applicable taxes. Don't forget that the buyer may have spotted your house for sale by owner on the MLS system in the first place!

Sell Through a Realtor 

In case you use the MLS by owner option and you sell to a buyer that a Realtor brings you, your costs would be:

  • The flat listing fee of perhaps $300 - 500 plus any applicable taxes,


The Buyer Commission percentage on your contract. This may be in the 2% - 3% range.

Lets split things in the middle and say the listing fee is $400.00 and the selling commission is 2.5%. We will not consider the taxes that may be involved.

Here is the 4 different possibilities of FEES ONLY costs.

  • Sell on your own. - $0.00

  • Sell using for sale by owner MLS but, you find and sell to the buyer on your own.- $400.00

  • Sell using MLS by owner and a Realtor brings you the buyer.- $400.00 plus 2.5% of $275,000.00 = $6,875.00 bringing the total to $7,275.00

  • Sell using the full MLS service without the option to sell privately.- 5% of $275,000.00 = $13,750.00.

Savings Please

Obviously, you put more money in your pocket if you sell totally on your own. You will have costs, but they will vary greatly depending on some of the following;

  • "Listing" with a for sale by owner company costs.

  • Length of time on the market.

Lets just compare the Full MLS listing costing $13,750.00 and the MLS by owner listing costing $7275.00

Some simple math would mean if you sold using MLS by owner service, you would save;

$6,475.00 plus any taxes on the difference compared to selling by the traditional full MLS system.

How do I do this MLS by Owner?

You can simply go on line and search for MLS websites that give you the for sale by owner option. Depending on where you live, you may find many companies, few companies, or none.

I have already did extensive research for you, so you don't have to. Do you want to list MLS while still offering your house for sale by owner? Want to have super for sale by owner coverage giving you still a better chance of selling by owner?

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There are so many options today for the for sale by owner than in years past!

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