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Mortgage Options When Selling a House

These Mortgage Options when selling a house are intended for those that sell a house for sale by owner, but may also be very helpful for those that are selling through a Realtor as well.

What sellers need to know about mortgages, or should I say may need to know, may include information about;

  • A buyer that may want to assume an existing mortgage on the property.

What home sellers should know about mortgages may also include;

  • Porting an existing mortgage to your new home.

More Mortgage Options When Selling a House

Mortgage tips when selling a house by owner could also include the following:

  • Penalties for mortgage prepayment and how to lower the cost or possibly avoid them altogether!

  • Seller Financing where you the seller holds the mortgage for the buyer.

  • Bridge loans when you need to carry 2 homes for a period of time

  • Blending and/or extending your mortgage with an existing and a new mortgage

  • What is a mortgage broker and whether you should use one or not

  • Qualifying a buyer that shows interest in buying your house.

Too explore some mortgage help for home sellers, just click on one of the thumbnail photos below and go to the page that covers the section listed under the photo.

Any one of the above list of mortgage options when selling a house may become very important to you personally.

Perhaps none of them are a consideration to you, but if one or more are of interest, may I suggest you read the appropriate page to gain some insight and knowledge on the subject.

Just taking the time, which far too many homeowners don't, understanding your mortgage when selling, can be an eye-opening and rewarding experience. Finding a way to save perhaps thousands of your dollars should be worth a read, don't you think?

Just as a side note, I thought I would add a couple of links for you about tax deductions and/or tax breaks that might be of interest to homeowners or those that are about to become one.

These are of course subject to change.

Tax breaks for Homeowners in the USA

Tax breaks for Homeowners in Canada

When I was a Realtor and also when I owned and operated a for sale by owner company, I found that many sellers knew almost nothing about the mortgage they had signed through their lender.

A Visitor's Comment

Thank you Douglas,

Your website has been a big help. I learned so much.

Sure, they usually knew the original amount of the mortgage amount and more or less what the interest rate was, but after that I received a lot of blank stares when I asked some of the following questions;

  • Is your mortgage assumable?

  • Will your lender let you port your mortgage to your new home?

  • Have you considered holding a mortgage for the right buyer?

  • Are you prepared or checked with your lender about a bridge loan should you have to move into your next home before this one closes?

  • Have you looked at the possibility of blending your present mortgage with a new mortgage?

  • Do you know what questions to ask a potential buyer to pre-qualify them?

and the BIG one?

  • What is your payout penalty if you pay out the mortgage early?

If you don't know the answer to that last one and you are in the process of selling, please go to that page and then check your mortgage papers and get in touch with your mortgage lender before proceeding further.

A failure to take that step can cost you thousands of dollars!

Of course these questions about mortgage options when selling a house, were only asked if the situation warranted the question. Some home sellers, for example, would either not be in the position, or may not ever consider carrying a mortgage for a buyer.

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