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For Sale by Owner Moving Day Tips and Advice

These for sale by owner moving day tips on the actual move, start once you have firmed up the sale of your house. It's time to prepare yourself for the big day. Here is where to start.

  • Make a decision on how you plan to make your moving house day journey.

  • One of the important things I'd suggest to you is to start making your arrangements at least 30 days ahead of time. If you have more time, use it!

More For Sale by Owner Moving Day Tips

How are you going to do your transit?

  • Grab a few friends and their pick-ups?

  • Rent a straight truck from your local vehicle rental business?

  • Hire a local company with manpower?

  • Hire a long distance moving company

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Preparing for moving day will probably depend on how far you are relocating, your budget and how much stuff you have to pack up for your new home.

The Helping Friends Move 

A Couple of Pickups and a Van

If you are going to use a few friends to help you move along with their vehicles, here is some advice that I suggest you do ahead of time and during the move.

Many times these adventures involve a barbecue and a few cases of beer. Here are my suggested tips and rules if you have friends providing the moving help:

  • Have everything packed in boxes with the room the box is to be taken to clearly marked on each box.

  • Take apart any furniture such as beds etc. ahead of time.

  • Here is one of the real important for sale by owner moving day tips! DO NOT allow any partaking of alcoholic beverages before the unloading is complete!

for sale by owner moving day tips
  • The barbecue is flashed up after everything has arrived and been safely placed in the marked room.

  • Assemble any furniture especially beds before the barbecue.

  • Have essential items such as some dishes, coffee, toilet paper, towels etc. unpacked.

  • Have some fun with your friends and show your appreciation for their assistance.

Rent a Truck

If you decide to rent a truck:

  • Check 2 or 3 companies for the best rate.

  • Make sure you book far enough in advance.

A Visitor's Testimony

Hi, thank you for all the helpful information that you share on your website. I'm planning to sell my house myself this summer.

  • Make sure you have enough people to help with the loading and unloading.

  • Ask your insurance company if they will cover you for the truck rental.

  • If you can't get insurance coverage through your own insurance company, use this for sale by owner moving day tip. Pay the extra nickel to the rental company.

  • Start as early as possible in the morning and take your time packing. Another good idea is to have someone with good organization skills, oversee the packing.

  • Again make sure all the boxes are marked with contents and which room of the house the boxes should be placed.

  • Another of the for sale by owner moving day tips I'd like to share is to make sure the truck is large enough to do the job in one or at most, two trips!

The Local Mover with Manpower

If you are hiring professional moving help:

  • Check with 2 or 3 companies for rates. Look for coupons or specials.

  • Book well in advance.

  • Have everything ready before the team arrives.

  • Stay with the people that are doing the packing but stay out of their way.

  • Make sure the people doing the move, understand where everything is to go.

  • Another for sale by owner moving day tip is to have some beverages and perhaps some light snacks for the workers.

The Long Distance Mover

If you are hiring a long distance mover, you may be:

  • Packing everything yourself or;

  • Hiring a full-service company where the movers pack and unpack everything for you.

Once more:

  • Book well in advance.

  • If cost is important, shop around. Here is another of the many moving day tips on this page. Look for online specials, coupons, or special rates.

  • Make sure you understand everything in the contract clearly. If you have questions, ask.

  • Any items that are already damaged should be noted by the movers and you should sign acknowledgment before completion.

  • Move any vehicles out of the way so the movers can work.

  • Stay out of the workers way.

  • Some beverages such as tea, coffee, water or soda will be appreciated. Consider a few light snacks for the workers.

Other Options

The way you decide to make your move to your new home are numerous. Whatever is the best fit for you, is the way to go.

Another of my sale by owner moving day tips is to consider using a self-pack service such as ABF. If you live in North America, they cover, The USA, BC, AB, MB, ON and QC in Canada and Mexico.

You can check out their website at ABF Home Page

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