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For Sale by Owner Advertising

For Sale by Owner Advertising? Should I just place a real estate ad in the local paper, pound a sign in the front lawn and they will come? Perhaps, but there is a lot more to it and.....don't forget the whys!

In this section, we will look at various forms of where to advertise, how to write a for sale by owner ad and other for sale by owner ideas.

Where to Advertise a House when

For Sale by Owner

So, let's start with a typical for sale by owner real estate ad that you might see in your local newspaper and then we will give you some for sale by owner advertising tips.

House for Sale

Beautiful bungalow in great area

3 bedrooms, 2 baths

Large family room with fireplace

Huge double insulated garage

Close to elementary school

Call 555-5555 to view

This type of for sale by owner advertising is missing some absolute essential information and has information that should NOT be there.

You may want to start with this page and work your way through each area of interest, or you can select one of the thumbnail navigation photos below and proceed to that topic.

When you write your ad to advertise a house for sale, in any form, whether it is in the newspaper, on the internet, a brochure or any other form to advertise a house for sale by owner, here is a great advertising tip on how to write an ad.

I suggest you always include the following:

  • The Price

  • The Address (using "Green Acres Sub-Division" or "close to Cottonwood Lake" is acceptable under certain circumstances)

Don't forget to advertise online when you are selling for sale by owner. Most buyers now search online for homes to buy. For the top choice for sale by owner website where you have a choice of free advertising, completely for sale by owner, MLS service and more, have a look at my recommendation for the best for sale by owner website available.

For Sale by Owner Advertising

Why You Always put the Price and Address in Your Ads

  • You are NOT a real estate agent.

  • You have one goal - Sell MY House

  • A real estate agent has one goal - Sell A House

See the difference? When a real estate agent doesn't include the address and price when they advertise a house for sale, it is for one reason. If the house isn't in an area or the price range that the buyer wants, they can try to switch them to another property. This is the ONLY reason to do this.

The best way to find serious buyers with your for sale by owner advertising is to always include the price and address so that the only inquiries you get are from buyers that are looking in your area and are looking in your price range.

For Sale by Owner Advertising

What is the Harm of the Extra Calls?

Here is the problem of not including the Address and Price when advertising for sale by owner.

A Visitor's Testimony

I just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying your website. I googled on how to sell your house yourself and you popped up.

  • Many people won't call if the price isn't included and some won't call if the address isn't included. Results? - Loss of potential buyers that may have purchased your house.

  • Those that do call to find out the price and address may not want to live in your area or the price may be out of their range to purchase. Results? - Phone calls that are a waste of your time and "beat you down" over a period of time.

Beat Me Down? Yes. Here is the problem. You may get more phone calls if you don't include the price and address BUT what about quality?

Here is what happens in real life. The person calls. They ask you the price. You tell them the price. They ask more questions. They seem interested. They say they have to talk to their "husband" or "wife" and they will call you back. They almost NEVER do!

The #1 Excuse Callers Will Use to "Escape"

When you hear this: "I want to talk to my husband or wife first and we'll call you back" The chances of this person calling you back or viewing your house is probably in the 1% range. Don't take it personally. It's just their way of "escaping".

What NOT to Include When it Comes to

For Sale by Owner Advertising

Here is another tip on how to write an ad when selling a home for sale by owner. 

In the sample ad above it mentions "Close to Elementary School". I would suggest you don't put that in any of your advertise a home for sale program. Why? Not everyone would be thrilled having a school close by.

for sale by owner advertising

Example: A retired couple looking for some peace and quiet.

For Sale by Owner Advertising tip: The problem with writing ads is we sometimes write what we find important to us. 

"Bus stop right at front door"

That might be very important to you. For someone else, they might just picture noisy buses constantly stopping, brakes hissing and screeching, people talking and laughing at the bus shelter.

"Walk to the local Super Big Box Store"

That might have been convenient to you, but someone else might consider that a huge problem. They start picturing traffic jams and a teenager hangout.

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture. Think before you send in those ads.

Tip: Try to Target the Emotions of the buyers instead of a particular group of people. ie: Young families with children.

To Reiterate: When doing your personal for sale by owner advertising, stick to the basics. Yes, use powerful words that draw pictures like "Stunning, Breathtaking View of the Mountains" or "Relax in Front of the Warm Inviting Fireplace" or "One of a Kind Designer Kitchen"

Some of the more important features to include are; Price, Location, Square Footage, # of Bedrooms, # of Baths (if more than 1), Air-Conditioning, Fireplaces, Kitchen Features, Decks, Views and Garages.

Need some adjectives, nouns, verbs etc. to write great ads? The link below may help stimulate your imagination and give you more for sale by owner advertising ideas.

Real Estate Advertising Words and Phrases 

More For Sale by Owner Advertising Tips

If you are in the middle of a heatwave, accenting the "keep your COOL with your high-efficiency air-conditioning unit" makes more sense than, "relax in the warm glow of the majestic floor to ceiling fireplace with that special someone!"

If it's -40F outside, you might want to downplay the air-conditioner and zero in on the fireplace!

Try to paint a picture. Use benefits rather than cold hard data. "You'll be the envy of your friends when they see your stunning gourmet kitchen!" instead of "large oak kitchen"

If you are writing a classified ad for the newspaper, you, of course, have to watch the number of words you use if paying by the character. Most other forms of advertising you can let your artistic side out to play.

In a Nutshell

  • DO include price and location.

  • DO include price and location.

  • DO Use adjectives that create pictures and good feelings.

  • DON'T Advertise lifestyle features that may not suit many people.

  • DON'T Say "Quack, Quack, Quack" when "Quack" will bring the buyers looking. :-)

More Important Where Can I Advertise a House

For Sale by Owner Exposure

Front Yard Signs

Open House and Directional Signs

That All Important Online Coverage

Because I feel that having online coverage is so important, when you are selling for sale by owner, I'd like to suggest you check out: For Sale by Owner Websites.

Every Bit Helps Your For Sale by Owner Advertising Plan

Use your imagination. You never know where your buyer will come from and where he or she might run across your house for sale.

The more people that know you have your house for sale, the better your odds.

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