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For Sale by Owner Flyers - PLUS

You can make up your own for sale by owner flyers, with a photo(s) of your house. You will want to include the price, address, phone or text number and some important feature highlights.

It depends on your budget and how many for sale by owner house flyers you will be distributing and whether you want to use color on those brochures.

How to Make For Sale by Owner Flyers

If you make your own flyers, you might want to try using templates by downloading free software online.

If you are putting out quite a few, you could just do up black and white for sale by owner flyers and then photocopy whatever you need.

Color does add "eye-appeal"

Other Advertising and Marketing Ideas

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Some More House for Sale Flyer Ideas

Take your real estate flyers in hand and start dropping in each mailbox in your neighborhood.

If you are ambitious enough, you could expand to other target neighborhoods.

Don't forget to drop a flyer off at any property you see on the market. Keep some brochures in your vehicle or on your person at all times.

When you see a house by owner, or listed with a real estate company, drop one in the mail box.

The reason you want to do this with the houses that are for sale is they may also be potential buyers for your house.

Don't forget the Realtor's

If you are willing to allow your local Realtors to show your house, drop some real estate flyers off to each estate office in your area. You could add on these for sale by owner flyers;

Realtor's Welcome

or words to that effect.

If you want to learn more about handling Realtor's you can check out these pages;

Different Realtor Types and How to Handle

Negotiation Commissions, Finder Fees and Getting All Your Money Back You Spent Selling For Sale by Owner

How to Find a Good Realtor that will Work for YOU

How to Make a House for Sale Flyer

If you are going to put out a lot of for sale by owner flyers, you might want to have a local printing shop print them off for you. This might be cheaper than doing them on your computer printer.

If you do your for sale by owner house flyers or brochures up as a feature sheet that you would use at open houses, or to give to potential buyers when they view your house, you only have to make up one template.

A Visitor's Testimony

I am ready to sell my four bedroom home now, a year after my mom passed. Your site gave me more information that is useful for myself than dozens of others combined!!

Proofread Yourself then have Others do the Same

Before you mass produce the for sale by owner flyers or real estate brochures, proofread carefully then have some other family members or friends do the same.

Look to make sure the information is correct including the address and phone or text number. Check for spelling errors and that all the features you want to include are there.

When you fail to take this step, you might end out with say 200 for sale by owner flyers that you have to change one word or number by hand.

I speak from experience on this one. :-)

Some Other Ideas to Consider to Promote Your Property

Professional For Sale by Owner Website

Probably the most powerful way to advertise your house in today's world is to have your house online advertising 24/7. Buyers spend more time searching for homes for sale online than any other place.

The good news? Today you can advertise online in one place with huge traffic and choose anything from FREE to for sale by owner as an individual or choose a MLS® option at a large discounted price and if you don't sell and list with a Realtor® you can get your money back!

for sale by owner flyers

To check this great service out go to For Sale by Owner Websites.

Bulletin Boards

You can use the same for sale by owner flyers as above and go around your neighborhood and other target areas of your city or town.

Drop into various businesses such as grocery stores that have a bulletin board for notices.

Ask permission from the owner. If you receive the OK, pin one up.

Word of Mouth

Let anyone and everyone you meet know your property is available. Pass the word around at work, at your church, on the golf course or at the bowling alley.

The idea here is Exposure, Exposure, Exposure. You never know where your buyer may be hiding.

You may just mention your property is for sale to a co-worker who has a sister who has a friend who is looking for a house in your area in your price range.

Local Real Estate Guide

This one is a long shot as most real estate boards have ownership of their printed guide. If you get lucky and they allow for sale by owners go for it BUT:

This form of advertising can be very expensive. You may have to buy a half page or even a whole page. How do you get the cost down? Find several for sale by owners in your area, and share the costs.

There may be other private for sale by owner magazines in your area where you can advertise. Check out their price and distribution coverage and consider this form of advertising.

If you can't get into the local home guide, put out more for sale by owner flyers. You can always hire some kids looking for an extra few dollars to deliver to all the areas you want to cover.

National and International Newspapers

and Real Estate Magazines 

This would also be a very expensive means of advertising. The type of property that would use this form of advertising would in most cases be "top end.”

An example would be a secluded gated acreage on prime ocean frontage asking $14,500,000.00.

Use Your Imagination

You might want to write down some of your own ideas of how and where to create more exposure.

The main thing to remember is:

The more people who know you are for sale, the better your odds are of a successful sale.

For More Information about Advertising Ideas

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