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Selling a House Online For Sale by Owner

Selling a house online for sale by owner, is probably one of the most common marketing practices today.  Searching for a home over the internet is also a very common practice by buyers in most areas, whether they are looking at for sale by owner properties, or those listed with a Realtor. The world has changed. This is good news for you. The amount of people that now search houses for sale on the Internet is huge.

If you are one of those people that just want to find the for sale by owner website that offers the best bang for the buck, I won't keep you waiting!

The following link not only shows my recommendations, but explains WHY I selected them as the top websites. Selling a House Online For Sale by Owner Websites

Why You Need to Your House Online Today

It is very important that you have a presence on the Internet and you have as much traffic (buyers) as possible, looking for a property similar to yours.

Many buyers spend a great deal of time researching properties of interest online. Why not? They can sit in comfortable attire relaxed in their own computer room. Of course now-a-days, they can be anywhere on their smartphones, tablets, notepads etc.

Why You Need to List Your House Online

They can view hundreds of properties in a short period of time, with very detailed information and colored photos and/or virtual tours.

You still should have yard signs, directional signs and open houses, where appropriate, to give yourself the best odds of a sale.

People still search the Newspaper Real Estate Ads, but I personally believe, this is a dying practice.

Buyers on many for sale by owner sites have the choice of searching by price range, number of bedrooms, baths and location.

They can view high quality photos of various homes inside and out and even take 360 degree virtual tours of a place that interest them on some sites.

Selling a House Online For Sale by Owner - Where?

How do you go about doing just that? Well, when it comes to selling a house online for sale by owner, you could do your own web page.

The problem is that even if you have all the know-how, unless you have a good friend that works for Google, it would probably take far to long to rank high enough to be noticed.

If you do make your own web-page, to try your hand at selling a house online for sale by owner, I suggest you use specific keywords that include your city/town and perhaps even a sub-area.

For example, you might include keywords such as: Homes for Sale Dallas Texas - Properties for sale Woodland Heights Dallas Texas. Without getting all "techie", what you are doing is using keywords with a very narrow search result.

You have to think like a buyer, not a seller, when choosing keywords. A potential buyer, will probably type in homes for sale rather than home for sale.

Even though the "s" may not make a difference in search results, why take a chance. You see, the buyer is searching for homes for sale, not your home for sale.

Fortunately, there are many for sale by owner web-sites that will post your real estate for sale with photos, price and details of your property. Many of these for sale by owner websites also include options such as MLS.

What Kind of Site?

Selling a House Online For Sale by Owner

Here are some ideas:

  • Choose a web-site that lists real estate in your country or perhaps, multi-countries. You may also consider a local company that offers superior service.

  • They want to rank high on the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc).

  • Easy and Clear navigation so even a beginner web user doesn't get lost or confused.

  • High Quality listings and photos.

  • Fast load up times. Not everybody has a trillion gigabyte machine.

  • Good Value for services offered.

  • They keep the site up to date.

  • Bonus points if they offer Yard Signs.

  • Bonus points if they offer Forms, Feature Sheets etc.

  • You want a website that enjoys a huge amount of traffic (buyers) You can check traffic by going to SemRush  Type in the web address you are checking, find the graph and by sliding your pointer over the little blue and orange dots, you can check daily traffic. Note: This website changes quite often so when you visit, your search might be a bit different.

Finding a Company

To Help  

For Sale by Owners

The first thing you probably should do is get into the buyer's shoes.

A Visitor's Comment

It is very refreshing to find such an informative web site about For Sale By Owner "secrets." Many of these tips are familiar ones, but this website goes deeper. It was well worth reading all the way through to the end! Thank you so much!!

  • Go to perhaps Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines and start typing in search words that you might use if you were looking to buy a house in your general area. Make a note or bookmark in an individual folder which pages show up in the top 10 (Usually first page).

  • Visit each one and again pretend like you are a buyer. How does it look and feel? Is the information well laid out? Can you find the type of property you are looking for easily? Can you search by area and price range? Most people like to search price and area first.

  • I think its also important that the for sale by owner website has lots of houses for sale in many areas. If the website only has a few homes for sale in a few areas, buyers will get bored very quickly and move to another site. The buyer will also feel that they are missing out on properties they may find of interest.

  • When you find a site that passes the above tests, look at what they have to offer and the fee they charge. Although you will probably only choose one website, there is nothing stopping you from listing on a couple of sites when selling a house online.

Take the Easy Route

Fortunately for you my readers, when it comes to selling a house online for sale by own, I've done all this work for you! Well, at least for the United States and Canada so far.

After hours, days and months of research over a 5 year period of time, I selected my top choices for selling a house online for sale by owner.

To find out my recommendations and why I choose them, please proceed to: My Best Choices

Free Websites to List a House Online For Sale by Owner

You may also look for some free sites that you can place your information on. Remember, exposure, exposure, exposure wins the day.

If you have the time, list your property on as many free for sale by owner websites as possible. You may not get the same service or exposure as a well organized professional selling a house online for sale by owner website, but like they say about the lottery: "If you don't have a ticket, you can't win."

When you are selling a house online for sale by owner using free sites, please read all the information concerning the terms and conditions.

You might want to have a separate e-mail address when posting on free for sale by owner websites. Read their privacy policies. Do they sell your information? Are you going to get a bunch of spam later. A separate e-mail address, when selling a house online for sale by owner, can be deleted later.

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