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For Sale by Owner Phone Call Negotiations

For sale by owner phone call negotiations, are one of the skills to learn when selling your own house. It's also important to learn how to handle those text messages, e-mails and the front door inquiry.

We will start with the phone inquiries first, as this might be the most frequently used method buyers will use to contact you, when selling for sale by owner. Today text messages may have already surpassed the voice call but you can use much of this information for either of these types of inquiries.

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For Sale by Owner Phone Call Negotiations

Why Purchasers REALLY Call

OK, here is your first tip. This might be hard to believe, but buyers call on properties to try and eliminate each one. Huh? 

Yep, they ask enough questions so that they can find something wrong with your property so they can cross it off their list.

I always like to cover the why with you, so here it is in a nutshell. Prospects that are seriously looking for a home to buy, will circle a bunch of newspaper ads, or choose a selection of homes viewed online and then start phoning each one.

They really don't want to look at 45 properties, so they try to eliminate as many as possible so they only have to look at perhaps 4 or 5 of their top choices.

Don't forget, when it comes to homes to consider buying, they will be probably be looking at far more "listed with a Realtor houses" than for sale by owners.

For Sale by Owner Phone Call Negotiations

What's the Lesson?

The lesson when using for sale by owner phone call negotiations is; Talk Less - Listen More. Don't volunteer information.

That hot prospect on the other end of the phone is not likely to put an offer in until they actually see the property. Right? So what is your job? Not selling the house. Nope.

Your one and only goal when handling a phone inquiry would be to get an appointment with the prospect to view your home. That's it Period.

What does the Buyer Already Know?

If you followed the lesson on how to advertise when "selling a house by owner", you know that the prospect already has the location and price. If you need a refresher or haven't been to the "how to advertise" section yet, you can go there now at Real Estate Advertising Tips I'll wait here. :)

A Visitor's Testimony

Your site is great. Even though you are in Alberta and I am in California, the information is still applicable. What a great resource.

So, if the buyer has the location and price, you either have a prospect that is looking in your area and price range or perhaps a real estate agent looking for a listing. For more about that subject; The Different Approaches Used by Real Estate Agents

You see, when it comes to for sale by owner phone call negotiations and you already have included the price, location, and some great features, you eliminate the useless calls that just discourage you. If the purchaser doesn't want to buy in your area or can't afford your property, why do you want to waste time on that call? Exactly!

Let's do an Example Run of a For Sale by Owner Phone Call Negotiation

representing some "not so good" Techniques

Ring! or more likely, one of your favorite itunes :-)

You: - Hello?

Buyer: - Yes, I'm calling about your home for sale on Whispering Pines Boulevard. How many square feet is it?

You: - We have 2200 square feet finished on both levels.

Buyer: - How many bathrooms?

You: - We have 2 full baths, one on each level.

Buyer: - Is there a garage?

You: - Yes we have a detached single garage

Buyer: - How old is the house?

You: - I think it was built about 25 years ago.

Buyer: - Do you have air conditioning?

You: - Yes we do.

Buyer: - How far are you from the elementary school?

You: - Oh, it's right across the street from us.

Buyer: - Oh, we don't want to be near a school. Too much noise. (now comes the great escape). I'll talk to my wife when she gets home. Note: She's standing right beside him. Perhaps we'll give you a call later today to set up an appointment.

You: - OK, the lot is totally fenced and has a large garden with apples and grapes. We have a fireplace in the family room....

Buyer: - Huh, huh.

You: (with some desperation in your voice) - The master bedroom has his and her closets, and we were thinking of adding a 2 piece bath next year.

Buyer: - Huh, huh.

You: - Blah, blah, blah.....Hello? hello?

For Sale by Owner Phone Call Negotiations Lesson

What Went Wrong?

Let's go back to what I said earlier. When selling a house using good for sale by owner phone call negotiations your job is to get the appointment, not to sell the house.

You aren't selling a house over the phone. It won't happen. Your ad should have had enough information to entice the buyer to come take a look.

If they had the address, they can drive by the house first.

If they have the price, they know they can afford it.

If you had the # of bedrooms, the square footage, mentioned the garage, air-conditioning and # of bathrooms there should be enough information for the buyer to come take a look.

Here Comes Another Call


You: - Hello?

Buyer: - Yes, I'm calling about the house you are selling on Whispering Pines Boulevard. Are you still for sale?

You: - Yes we are. Did you see our ad in the Daily News?

Buyer: - Yes we did. 

Side Note: Although I am using a potential buyer calling from a newspaper ad, the most likely place a buyer will find your property is on a website. If you want to see which websites I recommend to advertise your house for sale, just take a look at For Sale by Owner Websites.

You: - Well I guess you have a fair amount of information already on our home including the address, price and number of bedrooms and baths. Have you driven by the house yet?

Purchaser: No we haven't, but we were thinking of taking a drive by later this morning to see if it looks like we would like to see inside.

You: That's great. I will be home all day so to save you time, why don't we just set up a time that is convenient to you and you can take a quick look inside while you are here. What time do you think you'll be by?

Purchaser: - umm...umm....Let me ask my wife...muffled conversation. Hello?

You: - Yes?

Purchaser: - Sure, could we come over around 10:30 this morning.

You: - 10:30 should be fine and your name is?...

Purchaser: - George.

You: - OK George, if something comes up and you can't make it, could you give us a call?

Purchaser: - Sure.

You: - Just in case, what is your number?

Purchaser: - 555-1234

You: - Thanks, we'll see you at 10:30 then. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

for sale by owner phone call negotiations

What Went Right?

Using great for sale by owner phone call negotiations, YOU took control of the conversation. In the first call, the buyer was in control. What is the easiest way to take control when selling a house for sale by owner. Ask questions. The other party feels obligated to answer them.

In the first call, the buyer asked question after question until he found a reason to eliminate your property from his list. "Whew! One less to look at Mary". On the second call, you asked the questions.

When practicing these for sale by owner phone call negotiations, you HAVE to ask for the appointment at some point and the sooner the better. If they don't accept your first offer, let them ask perhaps two more questions and then ask for the appointment again.

Why are people afraid to ask for the appointment? Because of my favorite saying of ALL time, which I believe was first said by the motivational speaker, Zig Ziggler.

"The Fear of Loss is Far Greater, Than Any Hope for Gain"

Think about that for a moment. People fear loss (someone saying no to them) far more than any hope for gain (that the other party might just say yes). Let me put your mind at ease.

  • By asking for the appointment when selling your own house, you have NOTHING to lose.

  • By not asking for the appointment you have the potential for loss.

  • If the buyer isn't going to view your house, asking for the appointment won't change anything, one way or the other.

A Good Idea

When practicing for sale by owner phone call negotiations, it is always good practice to get a name and phone number of the other person. When the buyer above said George, you might have continued this way.

Purchaser: - George

You: - Hi George, my name is Doug, is there just you coming?

Purchaser: - No, my wife will be there also.

You: - and her name?

Purchaser: - Mary

You: - and your last name is.....(trailing)

Purchaser: - Brown

Then you go into the phone number bit.

Note: You might also want to check the authenticity of the caller. You could call back a bit later and say something like, "Is this George Brown?" Yes. "You have an appointment to view my home on Whispering Pines Boulevard at 10:30 this morning." "Is there any change we could make it 11:00?" What you are doing here, is making sure the buyer is who they say they are and confirming the appointment.

In a Nutshell

  • Take control of the conversation by asking questions.

  • Ask for the appointment as soon as comfortably possible.

  • If the caller does not take the appointment request the first time, answer 1 or 2 questions then ask again.

  • Never volunteer information - Your goal when using these for sale by owner phone call negotiations is to get an appointment with the buyer to view your property, not to sell it.

A Couple More Things

When on the telephone speaking to a potential purchaser, try to smile. Talk in the way you would talk to a friend if they were standing in front of you. You want the person on the other end to think, "I like this person!". Believe it or not, this is also part of the for sale by owner phone call negotiations!

If you are distant, sound like it's a bother to talk to the caller or just plain grumpy, you can actually lose the showing, and perhaps even selling your home. Ouch!

When asking for a caller's name or a callback number, I always found the easiest way was to let my voice trail off with a slight questioning tone like this;

You: - Whom am I speaking to?

Prospect: - George

You: - George.....? (voice trailing with a questioning tone)

Prospect: - Brown

or try this one

You: - Whom am I speaking to?

Prospect: - George

You: - And your last name....? (voice trailing with a questioning tone)

Prospect: - Brown

It's hard for me to explain, but you can practice these type of for sale by owner phone call negotiations with perhaps your husband, wife, or friend. When you ask the trailing question, try raising your eyebrows.

When using these for sale by owner phone call negotiations, don't fret over the calls that don't result in an appointment. Real estate agents get these calls by the tons! When you are selling a home by owner, you will get far less because you have the price, address, and some important features listed in your ads.

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