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FSBO Resources

The Best of the Best Resources and Suppliers for the FSBO

The top for sale by owner websites to list your property for sale online.

You should always have purchase contracts on hand when you sell for sale by owner. Here is where to get them.

Do you want professional custom built for sale, open house, directional signs etc.? Here is where to get the best.

How much and what type of research goes into each resource supplier that is selected for you.

Step by Step

House Staging - Preparing Your House to Sell

An Overview of Preparing Your Property

Those Important First Impressions

Preparing the Outside

Getting the Inside of the House Ready

More Great Tips and Ideas

Preparing the House when Buyers are Coming

Pricing Your Property

First, an overview of various ways to establish asking price of your house

The worst way to decide asking price that is done far to often

Looking at your neighborhood to get a general idea of what your home may be worth on the open market

How to use Realtor's to price your home for free

Why using a certified appraisal is the best way to establish your asking price when for sale by owner

Once you have decided on your market value, how to decide on your exact asking price


An overview about house for sale by owner signs

Why using certain cheap house for sale signs is a bad idea

Some ideas on how to make your own for sale by owner signs

Using professional customized for sale by owner signs

Open house and directional sign information


Advertising Overview about various advertising ideas

Newspaper ads

Real Estate Flyers 

Advertising online

Direct Mail marketing ideas

How to take great photos and what not to include

Open Houses

Why you should have an open house and the best time to hold one. Where to advertise your open house

What to have at your open house and what not to have there

Planning an open house and how to conduct the "tour"

What to say and what not to say during the open house and how to answer buyer questions

Showing Your House

Secrets to showing your house when selling for sale by owner to obtain the results you desire

Reading body language and what those signals mean

Using soft or trial closing techniques before going for the sale

How to Handle Prospective Buyers

How to handle  potential buyers when they arrive at your door unannounced

How to handle buyers when they call on the phone

Using Incentives in a Slow Market

An overview about using incentives to attract buyers when selling your house for sale by owner in a slow market

Offering to pay the first few mortgage payments for a buyer

Paying part or most of a buyers closing costs

Offering a home warranty on your house to the buyer

Offer a freebie or upgrade to the buyer

Do a mortgage buy down to lower the buyer's mortgage payment


An overview about negotiating a house sale

How to handle verbal and low-ball offers from a buyer

Using what I call the "no blink rule" negotiating technique

The give and take negotiation

Negotiating when you are really close to making the sale but need that little extra tweak

Offers and Clauses

Real estate contract general information

For sale by owner contracts - What you need and a must clause to include in your contract

How to write your own real estate clauses

An explanation about chattels and fixtures

The earnest money agreement

Real estate counter-offers

Time frames - What I suggest you use and why

Conditional offers that are subject to the sale of the purchaser`s property

Using Realtor's when For Sale by Owner

What is a Realtor?

Understanding real estate agency

What to do when a Realtor brings you a buyer and negotiating    Realtor fees

Approaches Realtor's use when you are for sale by owner and how to handle them

Screening test to find a Realtor that will represent you instead of themself

Doing for sale by owner while enjoying the tremendous power of the MLS system

Listing with a Realtor while offering your house for sale by owner at the same time


All about Mortgages starting with an overview of what you might want to consider depending on your personal circumstances

Mortgage Prepayments - Understanding and handling mortgage Payout Penalties

Mortgage Assumption - Should you allow a buyer to assume your mortgage? The pros and cons you should consider.

Portable Mortgages - What are they and when you might want to use them to your advantage.

Seller Financed Mortgages - There can be some great returns and advantages holding a mortgage for a buyer. - Is this for You?.

Bridge Financing - Here is a possible solution you can use to buy that dream house, before yours is sold. Please be Careful though!

Blend and Extend Mortgages - Just have to buy that dream home before you sell your present house? Here is a possible solution plus some other ideas.

What is a Mortgage Broker? Why you should use one to save money and time.

Qualify a Buyer - How to qualify a buyer when you are for sale by owner. It's easier than you might think.

Satisfying Clauses

Satisfying Clauses - An Overview - Starting with the importance of keeping track of clauses and time. How to handle buyer remorse and more.

Escape Clauses - What is an Escape Clause? How to handle them and save the deal.

Subject to Financing Clause - What to look for in a subject to financing clause - How to possibly save the deal if things go astray.

Fixtures and Chattels Clause - How to avoid headaches and misunderstandings between you the seller and the buyer

The "Subject to Parent Approval Clause" - How to handle the parent's walk-through when they pick up a "problem".

The Closing

Preparing the Property for the New Owners

Final Home Inspection - How to Handle. What the final walk-through is NOT and what it's all about.

Taking care of all the "little" things before the move such as utilities, mail and insurance

Some Typical Closing Cost that you may have when you complete your sale

Making the Actual Move - There are many ways to complete the move to your new home from friends with pickups to the full moving company package

Extra Goodies

Extra Good Stuff

An Overview of some extra tips, ideas and problem solving for different situations that might arise as a for sale by owner.

My House Won't Sell! Here are some reasons why and of course some solutions to your problem.

Should I sell my house before I buy? It all depends on several conditions. Examine some factors that you should consider, before proceeding either way.

It's great to know all the steps to take when selling by owner. It's also important to know the mistakes to avoid.

How much can you save selling for sale by owner? BONUS: How to get all your money back you spent if you list with a real estate agent.

Selling Rental Property - What you should know before and after you decide to sell you rental property.

Selling a House As Is - Expect "low ball" offers when selling a house as is. Just because you sell as is, doesn't necessarily mean, you are not liable for problems discovered by the buyers.

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