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Staging a House to Sell

It's time for staging a house to sell showtime! You've prepared the property inside and out. The Price is set. The sign is on the lawn. The Open House and Directional Signs are ready. The Ads are in the local newspaper. The house is on a For Sale by Owner Website. Ready?

Your first potential buyer has called and will be there to view the property at 06:00 PM this evening. Relax because you have followed all the preparing my house to sell information. Right? Right!

Staging a House to Sell

It's Time to get Ready for Show Time!

When staging a house to sell before a buyer arrives, the following steps are recommended:

  • Open all curtains and drapes during daylight hours to let in as much natural light as possible.

  • Turn on every light in the home before your guest(s) arrive – day or night.

  • Vacuum, dust, shine, polish and clear up any clutter, toys, clothes etc.

For other information about staging a home for sale, just select any one of the photo links below.

  • Use air-fresheners and/or scented candles but in moderation. Fresh scents should be light and be like a background “white” noise. If you have been baking bread or cookies, so much the better. A cinnamon apple at low heat in the oven does wonders. You may also put a few cinnamon sticks in a small pot on the stove at simmer.

  • Make sure walkways and driveways are cleared of toys, snow and excess vehicles. Mow the lawn if needed.

  • Make sure the garage is tidy and turn the lights on.

  • Take a walk through the house yourself and do one more check. Are the toilet seats down? Are the sinks clean? Towels neatly hung? Shower curtain closed? Go through each room. Do a final check outside as well.

This is still all about "preparing my house to sell". This is not just if you are for sale by owner. It is also good advice if listed with a real estate agent.

More Considerations

You might also consider some of the ideas below when staging a house to sell

  • Some soft music playing in the background.

  • Leave the television off.

  • Some fresh cut flowers are a nice touch if available.

  • In the winter months If you live in a colder climate make sure the fireplace or wood stove is burning if you have either.

  • In hot weather, if you have air-conditioning, set at a comfortable level for your guests.

Why Go Through All This?

Do you see what is happening here?

When staging a house to sell, you are creating a FEELING that appeals to the buyer's EMOTIONS.

You are trying to heighten those 6 senses, in a pleasant way, especially, the sight, sound and smell. Most importantly is that added sense of, "This feels like home, I'd like to live here".

A Visitor's Comment

Hey I recently came across your website and I must give you a round of applause. I too was a Realtor but only for a few months in Alberta. I loved the job and was doing well for myself but I was completely floored with how some Realtors acted and were only in the business to make some money.

staging a house to sell

Do I have to do that every time some one is going to look at the house? No you don't.

If you want to make sure that you have a better chance for an offer however, yes. Remember, this is not only if you are selling by owner but also if you were listed with an agent.

It's not extra work because you are “for sale by owner”. It's an extra step because you want to sell.

When you have an Open House which I do recommend for several reasons, you prepare the property in the same way.

You are ready to show your home to the perspective buyer. I think I just heard a car pull up in the driveway. Are you ready?

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