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Staging Your Home for Sale

Start with the Outside

So lets get started with staging your home for sale by owner. OK, I see you have your pen and paper at the ready.

When staging homes, I realize that every house is different so you may not have all the features we will cover here. Likewise, your property may have features that are not included on these pages.

You may not even have a backyard if you are selling a condo as an example.

Staging Your Home

For Sale by Owner

A Few Important Areas to Check

Once you have your list, you can decide what needs to be done.

Here is a quick rule. When staging your home for sale by owner,if it cost nothing but some time and effort, do it.

If it involves paint or stain do it. We used to have a saying about paint. “$200.00 in the cans, $2,000.00 on the wall.”

Looking for something different about preparing your house to sell? Just select any one of the photo links below.

If you have more major issues such as the roof shingles need replacing, you have to make a decision.

One way to go is replace them. The other way is to put on your feature sheet. $xxx allowance for roof shingle replacement at closing.

Personally, I would always opt for to replace the shingles before placing house on market.

The only exception to the above concerning staging your home for sale, would be if you did not have, or could not acquire the funds to do the work.

If time is of the essence, you may have to hire someone to do some of the work but either way it's worth it. Remember, top 2 or 3 and Feelings are the flavor of the day.

Remember when staging your home for sale by owner you want to look at every area on the outside of your home.

Because every property is different, I can't possibly cover everything here. You are the one who is the best judge.

  • Fencing: Does it need repairs such as rotten boards, leaning etc. Does it need a coat of fresh paint or stain? Mark it down.

  • Lawns and Gardens: Is the grass cut to proper height? Are there dead patches? Are the walkways in good repair and free of weeds and dirt? Do the leaves need raking? Is the swimming pool clean, clear and Inviting?

  • Garage and other out buildings: Is there clutter in the garage? Are the floors clean? Any motor oil spills? Are all the garden tools put away neatly, floors clean, cobwebs present? Does garage or shed need window or door trim painted? Does the whole structure need a coat of paint?

staging your home for sale

Lets pause for a small break here. Always remember when staging a home for sale by owner, you are creating feelings. I will repeat this again later, but I want to give you a brief insight now.

Guess What?

99.9% of potential buyers that look at your property, will also view other homes in your area! Not rocket science I know. Here's the lesson.

When staging your home for sale, make sure your house is in the Top 2 or 3 homes in your area for sale both in price and looks!

When the buyer for your house arrives, they will make the purchase for two reasons on most occasions.

Your home has many of the features they Need and Want, and....


Sorry about the side trip. Now back to the list. You are writing down everything right? Good.

  • Windows and Doors: Do the windows and door glass need cleaning on the outside? Does the trim need painting? Are there any cracked panes? Are any seals broken in the thermal panes? Any squeaky hinges?

  • Gutters, downspouts and fascia: Do the gutters need cleaning and are there any leaks? Are the downspouts connected, in good shape and directed away from the house? Is the fascias clean.

  • Foundation: Any big cracks? Does it need a coat of paint?

  • Decks and steps: Are the decks and steps in decent shape? Are they level? Do they need painting or staining? Do they have proper railings etc?

  • Roof: If shingles, are they in good shape? Any missing shingles? Tar and gravel roof OK? Flashing secure and properly sealed? Chimney OK?

  • Exterior walls: Need paint? Cleaning? Cracks filled? Siding missing? Bricks in poor repair?

  • Clutter: Is there old wood, tools or toys scattered about? In the winter if you have snow, you want to keep all driveways, walkways and steps clear.

  • In the winter if you have snow, you want to keep all driveways and walkways clear.

  • You may want to rake, plant flowers, trim hedges and trees during other seasons.

When staging your home for sale by owner, think of making the whole area as inviting as possible.

Ask yourself. Would I like to spend a few hours out here just enjoying the tranquility? If the answer is yes, you're in business!

A Visitor's Comment

Douglas, I love your site. You cover it all! Thank you, I am enjoying the pep talk. I did sell my last house myself, my father sold two properties on his own and I helped my mom sell her house after my father died. Actually in every case sold to the first showing for ~98% of asking.

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