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Q. What is The Best For Sale by Owner Website?

A. The Best For Sale by Owner website is Where More Home Buyers Shop for Their New Home

Now, I could do a bunch of reviews for the best for sale by owner website out there, but why not just give you my number 1 choice and leave it at that? I have done my research and feel very confident with my decision.

If it changes, I will make a different choice as well. I want you the seller, to have the best chance of selling your house for sale by owner, period. Update 11 January 2017: I have changed my recommendation for the best website to sell your home based on a few important factors.

I have chosen one site for the USA and one site for Canada.

My Number One Pick of the

Best For Sale by Owner website

in the United States and Why

Disclosure: The first link below leads too what I consider the best for sale by owner website for USA home sellers. I want to inform you that I may receive a commission if a product or service is purchased by you. For your information the price is exactly the same whether you link from this website or buy direct. It is the intention of myself, to only link to those sites that I feel, will provide a superior product to the user. All affiliate links are checked by myself, before placing those links. These checks include much research including but not limited to a Better Business Bureau assessment. I also have e-mail and personal contact with people from these stellar companies. I never want you to be disappointed with a product or service. If you ever have a problem with this for sale by owner website, please inform me by contacting me.

The Why

  • Traffic, Traffic, Traffic. No for sale by owner online company has anywhere near the traffic to their website of this company. It's not even close! Why should you care? Think about this. The more people that visit their website, the more chances of someone seeing YOUR house for sale and the more changes to make the sale. Depending on the package you choose, you can reach up to 100,000,000 (that's 100 million folks!) potential buyers each month!

  • A Home Sellers Guarantee. Pay close attention to this one! If you try to sell for sale by owner, and things don't work out, you fill out an online application. If you confirm you would like to work with a full-service real estate agent, you will be connected with 3 different agents in your area to choose from. If not satisfied, you will be provided with additional ones! Once you have sold your house through one of these agents you will be REFUNDED THE FEES YOU PAID.

  • They were founded in 1999. Why should you care? In today's world, you want a company that has a solid and stable history. They are not a here today, gone tomorrow wanna-be.


  • This company offers a wide variety of packages, tools and services to fit YOUR budget and needs.

  • This company keeps on top of things when it comes to website design. They have very modern full-screen website pages with easy access to both sellers and buyers. Why should you care? People like company websites that look and feel professional when it comes to selling or purchasing a product.
    Great variety of packages available from a FREE listing plan all the way to a multi-website MLS® enhanced plan! In my opinion, the prices are extremely attractive across the board.

  • They have an A rating with the BBB.

So, What is The Best For Sale by

Owner Website in the USA?

If you have decided "I want to list my house for sale by owner online" in the USA, my highest recommendation for the best for sale by owner website is;

National For Sale by Owner Listings without the Commissions! Your Choice from a FREE Listing to MLS® Service


Here is my pick for the Best For Sale by Owner Website in Canada....

Property Guys

Here is why:

  • They have a very high visitor traffic. Note: This company at present is a Canada only for sale by owner website with a population of approximately 35,000,000 people. More traffic means more chances to sell.

  • Each area is franchised so you receive individual services from someone in your neighbourhood. *Notice the "u" in the neighbourhood, eh?

  • Opened for business in 1998. On the web, staying in business, usually means "good" business.

  • Several packages to suit your needs. Different strokes, for different folks.

Now I would like to give a couple of honourable mentions for Canada.

Want to list your property for free? This website is fast growing and you can place your property for sale with photos at no costs. prelist.org

Another option involves for sale by owner packages from $199.95 to $499.95 You can visit them at comfree.com

If you haven't read the page about how I choose each supplier on this website, you can check out my method at; Main Resources Page.

For: For Sale by Owner Contracts

For: For Sale by Owner Signs

A Visitor's Comment

After reading many of the articles on your site (I plan to read them all) I am feeling far more confident about the whole thing. Honesty and experience shine through on every page.

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