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Have you ever said: "I sure wish I had a for sale by owner sell my house myself guide?"

Good News! You just found one!

Did you ever have a deep burning desire to save those thousands of dollars in real estate commission fees?

Is the fear of the unknown, or the fear of making a mistake holding you back?

Are you tired of listening to arrogant and self-centered Realtors® that constantly try to convince you that you can't sell your own house without their help?

All the information on this website is free. Yes, there are a few honest Realtor's® out there that will totally look after you as their client. From my own personal experience and opinion, that percentage would probably around 1%. Do you really want to gamble with those odds?

Would you rather represent yourself where you know you will look after your own interest?

Note: Perhaps you will think that there is too much information to read here and just skimming over a couple of lines is all you need. That's fine, it's your website to do as you wish. If you really want to learn and have a successful sale at or above market value, I would suggest you digest as much as possible.

The free sell my house myself for sale by owner techniques you are about to learn on this website, if followed, will give you the same success rate as if you listed with a Realtor®, without the costs.

I have used these methods with a for sale by owner company I owned for 4 years and accomplished just that. At the time, 95% of the homes that used my service, sold! Note: The market was very good but my company had the same success rate as the Realtor's®. Before I had the for sale by owner company, I was also a Realtor® for many years. I left because I got sick and tired of watching greedy Realtors® not practicing their fiduciary duty to their buyers and sellers and be more interested in filling their bank accounts.

The information you will find on this website is yours at no cost and no strings attached. Yes, totally free. I'm giving it all away. Check out the amazing results that were achieved with my previous sell my house myself for sale by owner business further down on this page.

Think of this website as your personal sell my house myself FSBO guide. It will provide you with proven techniques and for sale by owner tips that will see you having the same success as a professional Realtor®, without paying those huge commissions!

Some of the information about how to sell my house myself for sale by owner will be similar to other sites you may visit. Much of the information is special and one of a kind. Please don't take this information lightly. It can make the difference of success and failure.

To learn about different for sale by owner techniques and other important information, just select the photo link of your choice below. You can also continue reading the rest of this page and then hit the button at the bottom to return to these photo links.

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How to Prepare

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How to Price Your House to Sell

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How to Write

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How and Where to Advertise

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How to have a

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How to Show Your House

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How to Handle

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Negotiation Techniques When

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All about For Sale by Owner Signs

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Selling in a Tough Market

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Closing the Sale

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Sell My House Myself For Sale by Owner Results

Over the course of 4 years, the company I owned and operated taught people just like you, the same lessons you will find on this website. It also answers the question of what do I need to sell my house myself without a Realtor®. This is what happened.

An outstanding 95% successfully sold rate. The average most quoted success rate of for sale by owners is 20 - 25%!

  • The company captured over 15% market share in my city

  • Hundreds of homeowners sold their homes without a Realtor®. This saved each of those property owners thousands of dollars in real estate commission fees.

  • The owners were taught how to sell those properties at, or above, the price they would have sold if they listed with a Realtor®. In other words, they sold on average, at market value.

Now YOU Can Learn How to Sell My House Myself For Sale by Owner for Free!

This site is for those that say "I want to sell my house myself for sale by owner, without paying a big commission to a Realtor®".

It will all be revealed here. The information doesn't cost a cent and it will be complete. Nothing will be held back. You will have all the tools and knowledge you require on how to complete the sale of your property.

Think of this site as an investment. You invest your time, by learning all the techniques and save thousands in commissions. (Your Return)

You can say to the Realtor's®; "No thank you, I know how to sell my house myself for sale by owner without your help."

I have lived it, studied it, tweaked it, perfected it and got the results that got the Realtor's® in my city so upset, they had to get rid of my company, by any means necessary.

Am I a bit bitter? Perhaps. Who wins? You do because I decided to give all of my secrets of success away for free.

Who wins? I do. Every for sale by owner that sells a residence anywhere, anytime, using the methods on this website without paying a commission, is a victory for me.

A Visitor's Testimony

I love your site! Your information is fantastic. It has become my bible for selling my house. My son and daughter-in-law just sold their house by themselves following your directions.

Why am I Sharing this Information for Free?

When I had the for sale by owner company, I absolutely loved what I was doing. Unfortunately, the company became too powerful and too much of a threat to the local agents so...well I won't bore you with the details on this page. If you really want to find out what happened, go to my story link above.

I do not sell real estate now. I do not sell packages, signs, or broken promises. There are no e-books or "for more information please pull out your credit card". You won't find a "This free copy only gives you 20% of what you need." For the full package go here...Nope! FREE!! Yes, all of it!

Here, you will find only relevant information and many "how to sell my house myself" tips and techniques, to help have a stress free and successful property sale and closing.

You will be in control. You will not only be learning the what, when, how and where to do each task, but I will also share the WHY?

This site goes into much deeper depth as well when it comes to content. If you follow this for sale by owner real estate marketing program, it WILL work.

Sell My House Myself

For Sale by Owner - Master's Course

Graduation cap and diploma

Think of this web-site, as a personal for sale by owner information guide, on how to sell my house myself, without using an expensive Realtor®.

Of course, you must personally answer the question; "Should I sell for sale by owner? If you said yes to that question, then.........

Let's get started! 

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