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For Sale by Owner Procedures

Welcome! This for sale by owner procedures page and this total website is all about how to sell my house, for sale by owner.

When I took on the task of designing and writing copy for this for sale by owner procedures website, I wanted to include all of the vast amount of knowledge which made me so successful in achieving a super high listing to sale ratio.

I achieved this not only as a Realtor but also as an owner/operator of a for sale by owner company.

sale by owner procedures

Achieving a 95% sold ratio in the for sale by owner world, is not only unheard of, but as a Realtor, I was taught that it was impossible!

Well, I proved them wrong, and now if you follow the procedures on these pages, you can have the same success for FREE!

Following the For Sale by Owner Procedures

It is my sincere wish, that you get the most from this website in helping you sell your house for sale by owner. Therefore, I'd like to make a suggestion to you.

If you have landed here and want to follow the step by step procedure on how to sell for sale by owner, use the navigation buttons at the top of each page or the thumbnail navigation photos that you will find on each page.

Each navigation button on the home page has a main subject and each of those subjects have several sub-subjects.

Some pages will also have a link to an outside for sale by owner procedures website page, that I feel may be helpful to you, the reader. These pages will deal with the subject being covered, but may add new material, or bring a whole new look at the subject matter.

The exceptions to this rule are the stand alone pages such as this page, my story, disclaimer, and privacy policy.

This website is constantly evolving as I find time to place more content, or make layout changes to assist you in selling your house for sale by owner.

This is Only a "Sell My House" Suggestion

You, of course, can use this website in any way that you wish. This is Your site. Being an incurable analytical, I just like to keep all my ducks lined up in a very straight row.

You may find it more convenient to go right to the Sitemap on this web-site so you can choose a page of particular interest to you. You may have found this site while looking for one thing in particular.

Perhaps you were looking for information on

Portable Mortgages 


How to write a Subject to Lawyer Approval Clause found on this page.

You may also want to bookmark this website. As each section of the for sale by owner procedures is learned and accomplished, you can return to follow the next section.

This would be especially helpful to those that get overwhelmed with too much information at one time.

The main goal is of course that you use this website and obtain whatever knowledge you require to successfully sell your house for sale by owner without having to pay a big fat commission to a real estate company.

It is my genuine belief that if you follow these for sale by owner procedures, you will succeed. I don't just talk the talk, I have walked the walk and proven it works! To check out how, go to My Story

Thank you for visiting this site and here's to your success.

Douglas F. Cameron

If you have a comment, suggestion or a question, you can go to my contact page found here.

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