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Home Appraisal Value

After you have completed your home appraisal value and established a base price, you will have to decide what to advertise your home for. Lets look at the four options and when you would choose each one.

Ask the Exact Home Appraisal Value

If the figure is $275,000.00 you could advertise the property for that price.

If you asked yourself the question, "What is my property worth?", the appraised value should be your answer.

Pro: This is what a professional has determined your property value is so therefore, that is what a willing buyer should be willing to pay. If you receive this amount, you will have saved the total amount of paying a commission less your out of pocket expenses.

Scales with house on one side and gold coins on other side

Con: You will be competing head to head with other similar houses on the market.

When to use: You want to receive top dollar for your home and money is one of your main motivations.

Ask a Small Percentage Above Home Appraisal Value

With an appraised value of $275,000.00 you may want to ask $279,900.00. My suggestion is to never go any higher than say 2 - 2.5% over appraised value.

Pro: Gives you a little room to “barter”. There is a satisfaction factor here for a buyer to not pay the full asking amount. With the appraisal laying right in front of him/her it's kind of hard to not accept an offer of $275,000.00.

NOTE: Please don't try to get greedy here and hide the appraisal. The Certified Appraisal is your friend.

Con: Now you are either head to head or slightly above the asking amount of your competition.

When to use: The time to use this pricing, is the same as number one except you want a little “wiggle room”

Warning: After spending your efforts doing your home appraisal value, please don't be tempted to overprice because “You can always come down later”. Nothing good ever comes out of this approach for you.

Ask a Small Percentage Below Your Home Appraisal Value

Now we will look at the other side of your home appraisal value. Below market price. Using the same figures of $275,000.00 you ask $271,900.00.

Pro: This makes your home much more attractive to a buyer. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes again. Wow, I have a certified appraisal for $275,000.00 and I'm getting at least $3,100.00 off. The buyer may be thinking lower yet but once you have taken the Negotiation part of Sell My House FSBO you will be in the driver's seat.

Con: You will have less room to negotiate but this should attract more buyers.

When to use: When money isn't the total motivation to sell. This is a very desirable way to price your property when you don't have to pay that big fat real estate commission.

Ask Well Below Your Home Appraisal Value

You have entered the bargain sale at this time. Again we will use the $275,000,00 value and you price the property at $264,900.00.

Pro: This should be very attractive to a potential buyer. Remember,your certified appraisal shows you have a professional opinion that the house is worth $275,000.00. Unless you have other concerns, you will still pocket as much or more than if you listed with a real estate agent at a higher price.

Con: You will receive less equity from your home than if you sell it at market value.

When to use: You need a quick sale and money is no where the top of your priority list.

A Few Nuts and Bolts

Your own personal reason for selling plus the market conditions are going to determine your asking and ultimately your selling price.

During the time we were operating our “for sale by owner” company from 1998 – 2002, our experience was the owners received on average, market value. Some sold for the home appraisal value, some slightly above and some slightly below.

When people asked me, (which happened all the time) "What is my home worth?", they received the exact same advice as you'll find throughout this website, including getting an appraisal, and the four methods of pricing.

The real estate market conditions at that time could be described as good. These sellers were far ahead of other for sale by owners because they had this material we are giving to you on this site for free.

Just to be fair, we also provided other marketing services and charged them a fee for the total package. I will be showing you how to obtain everything else you will require in other areas of this web-site. Of course we will also share the why.

When market conditions are “hot” you should receive at least market value, based on the home appraisal value. When market conditions are “soft” on average it will take longer to obtain a buyer. When market conditions are “terrible” it will most likely take longer to sell and you may have to be more flexible.

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