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For Sale by Owner MLS Option   

The Either/Or For Sale by Owner

MLS Option 

I'm not a big fan of this particular for sale by owner MLS option. You may not even have this service available to you where you live.

What we'll be covering on this page, is different than the MLS listing by owner on a previous page, which is a flat fee service. For a review of that MLS Option, please click MLS by Owner.

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In order to find this service, you may have to do a bit of leg work.

How this FSBO MLS Option Works

Here are the highlights:

  • You have your house for sale by owner.

For sale sign with sold rider

  • You list your house with the Realtor on MLS . Unlike the other MLS option, you don't pay a fee to place your house on MLS.

  • You continue to offer to sell your property privately.

  • If you sell privately, you pay Realtor nothing.

  • If you sell through a Realtor, you pay the full agreed upon commission PLUS whatever you may have spent trying to sell by private sale.  Remember with this type of arrangement, you will be paying a full commission which for example might be 5% or 6% instead of a flat fee MLS fee with the MLS by Owner option.

For Sale by Owner MLS Listing Pros

Here are the pros of this option.

  • You receive maximum exposure increasing your odds of a quicker, successful outcome.

With your house listed on the MLS system, you might just find a buyer that views your property there and then decides to buy directly through you.

Couple sitting on front lawn with sold for sale by owner sign

For Sale by Owner MLS Cons

  • If a Realtor sells the property, you are not only out the commission, but also money trying to sell privately.

  • You may have a buyer that viewed your house with you, went to a Realtor to write offer, and you have to pay the commission agreed to on your listing agreement.

Note: If the same thing happened when just for sale by owner, you can Negotiate the Fee easier, and with probably better results.

  • There is a good chance you will ease off on your own marketing once you are on the MLS system.

Not My Favorite Option

I only covered this option to make you aware that this may be available to you.

Perhaps your own circumstances would dictate that you look at this MLS for sale by owner option.

Only you can decide. If you do find an agent willing to offer you this service, negotiate hard on the commission fee. Play hard to get.

A better way to go, might be to place your property on a for sale by owner website that offers a MLS option. The company I recommend in the USA, even has a money back guarantee if you decide to just list with a Realtor later, so it's a no risk venture.

You can find out about this company by clicking on the following link. 

Best For Sale by Owner Site with MLS Options

Yes, there are a lot of options today for those that want to sell a house for sale by owner, but the bottom line is to find what is best for you and save a whole lot of money!

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