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Cheap For Sale by Owner Signs

Lets Look at What I Call, The Red UV Sign

Buying cheap for sale by owner signs signs and placing them on their front lawn is one mistake that many for sale by owners make.

You know the kind. You can find them in your local hardware store. "FOR SALE BY OWNER" with a white space on the bottom to put your telephone number.

Now, you may have arrived here looking for a source to purchase a highly visible "For Sale by Owner Sign", for a reasonable price, right?

If that is the case, I have found a few great sources for you. Just scoot on over to: Custom For Sale by Owner Signs

So, what is wrong with the little plastic red and white for sale by owner signs?

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It's a Bad Decision on Several Levels

If you use these type of signs, which I suggest you don't, buy 2 of them. A sign facing the street will not be seen by many people driving by your house.

  • It is also to small, even if you use two.

  • It will indicate to a buyer that you are completely on your own, and maybe not that interested in selling.

  • By far the worst thing though is the dreaded ultraviolet attack! Huh?

  • The sun will suck the red pigment out of those cheap for sale by owner signs, faster than a kid enjoying their first raspberry slurrpee! What does it look like when your formally bright red cheap for sale by owner signs turn a pasty that a real word, ;-) pink? BINGO! It looks like the house has been on the market a long long time.

What does the buyer think? Boy, I bet these folks are desperate by now. I should get a real bargain on the price.

The month I wrote this page, I watched this exact effect happen to one of these FSBO signs on a house that I used to drive by, Monday through Friday.

It took approximately 2 weeks for this owner to look like they were on the market for several months!

cheap for sale by owner signs

Bottom Line?

My own personal opinion is; I do not suggest you use those plastic red and white cheap for sale by owner signs to advertise your house for sale.

If you want to save money, you could also try to Make Your Own Sign


Customize Your Own For Sale by Owner Signs

There are professional sign companies that allow you, the for sale by owner to completely customize your own for sale by owner signs complete with telephone numbers, price, information etc.

Now, these one of a kind product might not be considered cheap for sale by owner signs, but I feel they are very reasonably priced. You will end out with a very attractive, highly visibly for sale by owner sign, selling your home 24/7.

If you would like to take a peek at what these signs are all about, just head on over to: For Sale by Owner Signs


If you choose to use a professional for sale by owner company to market your property on-line, they may supply you with your for sale by owner signs. You can check out my choices of for sale by owner companies: For Sale by Owner Websites

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