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For Sale by Owner Final Home Inspection

A for sale by owner final home inspection or final walk-through before closing, will be carried out in the majority of cases when you have sold your house with or without using a Realtor®

If you were listed with a real estate agent, the buyer's agent would normally do this final home walk-through and you would in most cases be somewhere else.

Because this site is dedicated to for sale by owners, we will look at what not to do and what you should do to ensure a smooth and non-eventful closing on a house.

You should be aware that you the seller will probably have to do the for sale by owner final home inspection with the buyer(s).

Seller's Rights of a For Sale by Owner Final Home Inspection

A for sale by owner final home inspection for sellers before closing is NOT an opening for the purchaser to start re-negotiation. They had their chance before they signed the contract for negotiations.

Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware).

Do NOT fall into this trap. It happens when a buyer or buyers go back for that for sale by owner final home inspection and decide that they are going to get real picky.

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The conversation could start something like the following:

Buyer: John, I never noticed that the garage floor had that big crack in the center when we viewed the property back in June. We'd like you to either fix the problem or we can have an estimate done for the repair and take it off the selling price.

YIKES! Didn't see that coming!

Nope, this is not about the purchaser bargaining for a better price or for you to make repairs to the property, or they stop the closing on a house. 

The purchaser had every opportunity to take care of any of these issues before the final walk-through.

The buyer could have addressed the problem when the offer was being made. The buyer did, or could have had a building inspection to address any issues that they were concerned about.

Your answer?

You: Why don't we bring that up with our individual lawyers when we see them and get their advice, OK?

Why would I suggest an answer like that? Because you don't want your for sale by owner final home inspection to get ugly.

Don't buy into the buyer's demands. It will more than likely turn into an argument which will, at the very least, cause hard feelings with everyone involved.

When you see your lawyer, mention the silly demand to him or her and just to make sure, tell him or her you are not willing to compromise and the contract remains as written.

Unless the crack, or whatever the problem is appeared after the sale was made, you will not have to repair or compensate for anything.

An exception would be if you purposely hid or mislead the buyer. Even then, the buyer would probably have to prove failure to act in good faith on your part.

For a refresher on negotiations go to Real Estate Negotiation

For Sale by Owner
Final Home Inspection Tips

The whole purpose of the closing property inspection is to protect the buyer. The buyer wants to make sure of the following:

A Visitor's Testimony

Reading your website has actually made me excited about this project.

  • You the seller left all the items that were included in the selling price.
  • You the seller are leaving the property in the same general state of repair as when the buyer viewed the property last.
  • You the seller, have not switched any items that were included in the purchase price.
for sale by owner final home inspection

For Sale by Owner Final Home Inspection Closing Checklist

When you are doing the final walk through with the buyer(s) try to make it as relaxed, friendly and helpful to them as possible. Here are a few pointers:

  • Relax
  • Be helpful by pointing out shut-off valves, warranties and literature of items in the house.
  • Use positive language about how much you enjoyed living there and how you are sure the buyers will have the same experience.
  • Ask if they have any questions or concerns.

The last item should be done at the very end of the inspection. The reason you might want to ask this question is just in case the buyers have some concern that you are not aware of.

Should you react negatively? No. By being aware, though, you can alert your attorney of the concern being brought up before or during the closing.

Again, don't argue, don't try to "fix" the problem. Here is why. In the vast majority of cases, the buyer's attorney will explain to the buyer(s) why their concern or demand will never bear fruit.

You may say; "Well I know that. Why don't I just tell them right there and then?" Here is why. They will believe and trust the attorney's judgment. You, maybe not so much.

Make sense? Of course. But, I'm sure you already figured that one out.

When to do Your For Sale by Owner

Final Home Inspection

The time that a for sale by owner final property walk-through is done will depend on a few different factors. The best time is probably as close to the actual closing time as possible.

As an example, if the closing is to take place at 1:00 pm on Monday, doing your for sale by owner final home inspection at 9:00 am would be great. If everyone is off to see their lawyers at 9:00 am Monday then perhaps the afternoon or evening the day before would be best.

You as the seller and the buyer should get in touch a few days before the closing to decide a time suited to both of you.

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