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6 Reasons Your House Won't Sell For Sale  by Owner

Why your house won't sell for sale by owner if you asked most Realtors®, I bet a large percentage will immediately say, "Well you have to lower your price."

This is especially true if they are the listing agent of the property. Of course they will also say you need to be listed with a Realtor®.

Although this may certainly be true, there may be many other reasons why your property won't sell.

Let's examine some reasons a house won't sell for sale by owner and also some possible solutions. Just knowing why your house won't sell for sale by owner isn't enough unless you take some corrective action. Right?

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My House Won't Sell For Sale by Owner

#1 - Perhaps You Just Need a Little Patience

This website is designed for folks that sell for sale by owner. If you are listed with a Realtor®, chances are, you are locked into a 3 to a 6-month listing.

If your house won't sell for sale by owner, in many cases you don't have a lot of choices but to "stick it out" to the bitter end, unless the Realtor® releases you from the contract.

Patience with your Realtor® when you are listed is just one side of the coin when your house won't sell for sale by owner.

When you are for sale by owner, the tide turns and it's you that has to be patient with yourself.

Here's the problem: You place your property on the market, you have people view the home and no one puts in an offer.

Self-doubt creeps in. I've seen for sale by owners ready to throw in the towel after 2 weeks! "Oh dear! My house won't sell for sale by owner!" Think about it.

If you had the best Realtor® in the world, there is no guarantee you will have a sale in two weeks.

It's a matter of staying the course. Keep marketing and showing the property, doing your open houses and wait patiently for the right buyer to arrive.

How long should it take to sell? I don't know. You don't know. A Realtor doesn't know.

Are you getting traffic through the property? Keep on keeping on.

Did you have an Appraisal and price accordingly? Keep on keeping on.

Are you doing Open Houses? Keep on keeping on.

Do you have your home Listed Online? Keep on keeping on.

Do you have highly visible Signage out front? Keep on keeping on.

Do you have highly visible Open House and Directional Signs? Keep on keeping on.

Is your house and Property Clean, Tidy and in Good Repair? Keep on keeping on.

In other words, the reason your house won't sell for sale by owner may be just because the right buyer hasn't arrived yet.

Don't give up! Just keep doing what you are doing if you have everything in place.

Sometimes there are no magic bullets. Just patience and grit. OK? Good!

#2 - Market Conditions

How are the market conditions in your area? Sometimes when your house is not selling or more to the point, it's taking a long time, it's just slow real estate times.

Is it buyer's market? There are far more homes for sale than there are qualified, ready to purchase buyers.

A Visitor's Testimony

I would like to thank-you very much for all of the great information on your site.

This is the first time we are selling privately and so far it has gone well.

Is it a seller's market? There are far more qualified buyers ready to purchase than there are properties available.

Is it a balanced market? The amount of homes for sale is closely matched with the number of buyers ready to purchase.

Is it a mixed market? Perhaps the properties in the lower price range are selling as fast as the come on the market, but real estate in the mid to upper range are sitting on the market.

Sometimes it's the mid-range that's hot. It also can be the upper priced market.

What can you do? Well, first of all, if your house won't sell for sale by owner, find out and be aware what type of market you are involved with.

Drive around your neighborhood and count how many properties are for sale. Count how many have sold signs on them.

Check your local newspaper, real estate publication and online to see how much competition you have.

Your competition is all the homes that are the same type as yours, in the same type of area, and the same price range.

So if you have a bungalow, in a moderately dense residential area priced at $275,000.

Your list might look something like this:

  • single family dwellings

  • In the suburbs

  • Priced between $250,000 - $300,000.

Find out how many properties have sold that are similar to yours, in the past 1 - 3 months. How? Asking your local Realtor® is one way. Hey, they will tell you just about anything you want if they think they may get a listing later.

Like I said before, you can also drive some neighborhoods similar to yours on a regular basis and count the sold signs.

If you establish the type of market, you then can see if it is just the conditions, or you may need to make a few changes.

#3 - Price too High?

Yes, if your house won't sell for sale by owner, it could be the price.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did I have an appraisal done and price the property accordingly?

  • Has the market changed for the better or the worse since the appraisal?

If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, just keep marketing. Your price is OK.

Side Note: Do I really need an appraisal Doug? Go to Why a Certified Appraisal for some reasons why.

If you didn't establish your price using a certified appraiser or the market has changed, then take another look at your asking price.

house won't sell for sale by owner

#4 - The Unique Property

The ad reads; One of a Kind! Oh, oh.

Why your house is not selling may be because it's a unique property. It may not conform to the average person. This makes finding a buyer much more difficult. These properties as a whole, take longer to sell.

They may be wonderful houses and properties, but they are only suited for a narrow niche of buyers.

Will the house sell? Certainly. You might have to be a bit more patient, that's all.

The good news? When you find that person(s) looking for that type of unique property, you will have a very captive buyer!

#5 - Not Prepared to Sell

When you are on the market, it's important that the property looks it's best for every showing.

If the beds aren't made, dishes are piled up in the sink and "Rover" just deposited a "present" on the kitchen floor, you may just chase some potential buyers away.

"Well, if they can't see past that, there is something wrong with them!"

Sorry, a lot of people Can't see past many things. People buy houses that feel good and feel like home to them.

If your dwelling is always neat, tidy and in good repair, you can cross this reason off. If it's not, make any improvements necessary and you might just be holding a signed purchase and sales contract in your hand from your next showing.

#6 - Marketing

If your house won't sell for sale by owner, is it because you are keeping it a secret?

Exposure! Exposure! Exposure! You may need to promote your property using every feasible avenue available to you.

  • The large sign out front.

  • The directional signs leading buyers to your property.

  • Online exposure. *** See Below

  • Bulletin boards.

  • Open houses.

It's like a treasure hunt. You have a great well-priced property for sale and you are looking for that buyer. Unless your buyers know what you have, they can't make a purchase.

If you aren't marketing your house to the maximum, it may just be why your house won't sell for sale by owner!

So in closing, review the reasons above why your house won't sell for sale by owner, discard the ones that don't concern you, and look at improving those areas that you feel where you might be lacking.

If you have been using this website's step by step process, then I'm betting it's #1 - Patience! Stick with it and it won't be long before you make that sale!

***Internet Exposure

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